Mms 173

This motor minesweeper must have had another name bar the number, I know now that she is still afloat on Oslo as Lady Mack, anyone know of her wartime history
Seems she was lent to the Dutch in 1941, returned and eventually sold in 1945.

105-ft Admiralty-type motor minesweepers (MMS1, 1940 - 1945) - Royal Navy (United Kingdom)

HMS MMS 173 (J 673) of the Royal Navy - British Motor minesweeper of the MMS I class - Allied Warships of WWII -

Something as small as that, and in such numbers, weren't given names.

If you scroll down this site to the English part it says which companies she was sold to though.

Lady Mack (ex. MMS 173 (?)) , IMO 5348548
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