Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Survival expert and all round Bravo Two Zero, Bear Grylls, has
    said that his worst nightmare was yaffling raw goats bollocks.
    Okay sunshine - think your hard do you? Then have some of
    this shite....and you can even cook it before you eat it.
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh he's hard Billy and he has a message for you:

  3. Yeah...and the last time he came sneakin' into my camp up in Northern
    Alaska - trying to pinch my supper of boiled female lemming minge
    and mashed mammoth (bit old and chewy but passable)...I battered
    him with a set of Moose bollocks that I had attached to a Kodiak bears windpipe and then filled with compressed snow.
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fair play! :D
  5. I do feel for Bear as i have tried goats bollocks during jungle training, and lets just say you do need a aquired taste.
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    In fairness Daffy, when Bear ate his, they were not still attached to a live goat. :D
  7. LMAO, oh i do like Diamonds Lil's, did not expect that. Oh boy, my eyes are watering now.
  8. *Survival Monthly* (November 2009)

    Bear Grylls in horrific accident. (CNN)

    Expert survivalist and former SAS soldier, Bear Grylls is in hosiptal
    in Guatemala, South America, after having an accident whilst filming
    new episodes for his television series.
    Apparently, while he was sleeping, naked on a pile of wild fire-ants,
    a male mountain goat came along and ate his testicles. Mister
    Grylls is expected to grow a new pair and make a full recovery.
    The mountain goat said, "Mmmmmm - tastes like chicken"
  9. Isn`t this the chap that allegedly spent nights in a hotel instead of sleeping up a tree or whatever, when filming his supposed tales of derring do?
  10. Has any one seen the American version, he is by him self, he takes a cam recorder and shows the fuck ups as well.

    Here is a clip

  11. Billy Billy wot are you doing on fcuking anal websites like that??? your missus left you again after you'd been camping out in the back garden for a month living on rodent droppings and toad sperm. :D
  12. The rats reside in a crate in the kitchen. They're non-edible
    and have been drafted into the house 'cos it's f***ing
    harry freezing outside. Named John & Edward - I inherited
    them from the Grandson when he became an X-Box addict.
    They go out each day into their own gaff and get their
    furry little heads down in the kitchen in temporary acccom
    last thing at night.
    As for the tripe thing....well I was at work and I was bored.
    I remember the old man boiling the vile crap when I was a
    street urchin, so naturally I googled *tripe* and a thread
    was born.

    *John or Edward, peering out of his Mess, hunting for scran*

  13. In Firenze the local street delicacy is tripe burger. My cousin Lucia tells me they are yummy.
  14. Rabbit and snails anyone? No decent Catalan household is without it on a Sunday. The pigs ears stuffed with minced entrails, from the same animal, are remarkable.
    The undropped cojones of young bulls served with a garlic and tomato sauce, well they make a lovely tapas dish.
    Should any of us complain? At least not those old enough to have eaten enough Dewdneys oggies shouldn't. As someone who worshipped at the alter of St Dewdney on many occasions, and lived to tell the tale, I don't complain about what others eat :lol:
  15. So were the fcukin goat's. 8O
  16. You lying bastard, thats a picture of me in recess :D :wink:
  17. Fcuking hell I hate rats - saw that last night and went down to bait my traps in the garden shed were the fcukers have munched my fishing bag, went down this morning big fcuk off hairless tailed bast*rd with its head caved in stuck in the rat trap chucked the fcuker over into next doors garden cos she's a tw*t and I hate her as well. Good result all round thanks Billy
  18. Your welcome. Mine are nice and have never taken a dump in the
    kitchen cupboard in the Grand-childrens boxes of Coco-pops. far as I am aware that is.
  19. Check the raisin bran as well mate

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