MMA in the navy under what rules and when do you train


i noticed that the navy particpate in MMA under what rules and how do you get time to practice also dose any one know if there are jujstu clubs in the navy prefrabley genbukan ones


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MMA? - Are you referring to martial arts clubs? - yes I believe there is an RN ju jitsu club, and if there isn't, you can start it.


cool and MMA means MIXED MARTIAL ARTS if you have seen things like UFC, PRIDE Fightng ect you will get the idea its very very viscous makes boxing look like a soft sport (and i want to start it i am insane) so i wouldnt be suprised if they didnt do it i am glad tho about jujustu


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sure they have training at cwood everyweek. or at least i thaught they did.
but i dont know how you go about getting in the navy team etc.


Hello All,
First post so be gentle. JuJitsu is taught at Collingwood by Sgt Major Picket Tuesday & Thursday 1900(ish).
He's a black belt allegedly.
If you need a number let me know and I'll find out.


what about muay thai, been doing it for a few months now, off to raleigh in may, does anyone practice/teach this in the mob?


Far as i know the navy (or army or raf) will pay for you to take part in the sport, even if they dont have a club for it, they'll pay for you to train at a club that you find. I might be wrong though so correct me if i am someone.
I box, do unarmed combat (zen kempo ju jitsu), and am starting UFC as soon as i can, and am hoping to eventually do one of these in the royal marines (providing i get in, as my medical is on hold at the moment).