MLP runs the GNR again

Discussion in 'Charity' started by guestm, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. Right, now Tommo has finished robbing everyones donations for doing the London Marathon, you can start ploughing cash into my justgiving page.


    This year I'll be running for the Education Centre for Children with Down Syndrome.

    As with last year, I'll be making life more difficult for myself. Last year it was running with half a house on my back, this year it will be in a ludicrous costume at the behest of the kids.

    Don't forget, XRD is still needing you to donate for his half on 8th May, so chuck him some money for the RMBF if you haven't already.

    For those who have already sponsored XRD, no time like the present, give me your cash.

  2. Perhaps you should auction the rights is name the costume on here...
  3. Not a bad idea there matey, I like your style. :lol:
  4. Would you consider a tutu?
  5. I will consider anything, although bear in mind last year a guy in a Borat thong was told he had to put a pair of shorts on before he was allowed to start, so it's not a case of anything goes.

    Cheers Jimbo.
  6. Lab. I see from your avatar that your not getting any better looking me old china!!!

    :D :wink:
  7. I will throw some cash around pay day time. When are you doing it?
  8. Monty. Done mate. Sorry it can't be more!!!
  9. Best of luck, and should be more funds after payday. :D
  10. Thanks everyone for donating so far.

    19th September mate.
  11. Will definatly make a donation but not untill the first of the month unfortunatly.

    And if I don't, please feel free to bombard me with vicious PM's untill I do.
  12. Done.
  13. Excellent. Defo have time to chuck some at you and some money to then
  14. I've donated. Please take the batteries out of my hoop.
  15. No. You're pretty when you cry.

  16. BUMP
  17. MLP

    Have you decided on an outfit yet?
  18. The nephew wants the gingerbread man out of shrek.

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