MJ's *THRILLER* music video to be re-released (updated content).

Popstars and Bands are getting togather to make a monumental "Tribute CD"
to the late great M. Jackson esq. Early indications are that some of the
brand new tracks will be:

1. Stairway to Neverland - Dead Zepplin
2. I'm gonna give you just a little bit more - Dr Hook and the just
a little bit too much Medicine Show
3. Pieces keep falling off my head - From the film *Butch Cassidy and the
Smackhead kid
4. Shake, Rattle and Croak - Bill Hailey and the Comets
5. Coldfingers - Shirley Bassey
6. Dreamer - SuperTramadol
7. Dead Singer with-a-glove - Dead Meatloaf
8. You could've been in my gang - Gary Glitter
9. Super-Calor-Propofol-istic-expi-alli-deadness!" - Julie Andrews
10.Take two Paracetamol now, go to bed and call your other doctor
first thing tomorrow morning - The massed bands and choirs of
NHS Direct, featuring Jedward as Dr Conrad Murray and M Jackson

* * * * * *