Misuse of medals - stop the walts

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by chockhead819, May 29, 2008.

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  1. After so many WALTS being outed I decided to start a petition to see if we get anywhere, please sign.

    Stop the walts
  2. Good idea and all, as I think the current penalty in the UK amounts to mild public ridicule. But as medal walting and its other forms are a basic psychological flaw, Im not entirely sure it would have any effect on potential walts. I know theres plenty of the lyin' awld gits at every RB Legion up and down the country, who have "inherited" medals passed on from oppos who left them, and every remembrance Sunday the amount of Cdo and Para berets that come out, I'm surprised there were any regulars. I guess I just don't know if it would do any good to call them on their BS, as it does such a disservice to the genuine guys, and if they don't appreciate that already then I don't think they are going to give up their walting so easily.

    I also hope it would not discourage people from wearing their relatives medals on the right chest, I think its great when young kids take the time to read and learn about the decorations and how they were earned -lest we forget

    Anyhow, proof its a worldwide problem with fresh idiots, even serving ones.. Sailor convicted on 10 counts of wearing medals he had not earned
  3. As long as junk shops and e bay can sell the medals and as long folk want to feel part of the Navy army or airforce, I do not think that we as ex service members are going to stop them.

    Walt’s have always been around, and there is not much chance of US stopping them.

    Ex service members do not get any SPECIAL discounts, or treated better by service providers.. so what the F0ck, let them Walt.

    In Life to thyne own self be true.... And F0ck the others... I can always spot the True service man at the Remembrance services.

  4. As has been said, most of these guys are in the British Legion, or some other association, and probably have been for a long time. Is it our place to shop them. Personally I do not think so, let them live out their fantasy. If they are found out by their own as was that go a year or so back, then so be it. They do no harm over a pint, and the wearing of for a day or two.

    It would not surprise me if most are in memory of friends who have died since the wars, and yes they should be worn on the right chest if so. It is a good thing that they remember them, no one else does these days, well not many.

    Regards, Chris
  5. Yes it is fraud but I find the whole issue of people wearing medals they aren't entitled to quite sad. These guys obviously have no life to speak of and have to invent a better one instead.

  6. He wanted a purple heart for being run over by a truck!!! You couldn't make these stories up could you.

    If the lads passing through Limpingstone recieved purple hearts for every cut or scrape HM Govt would be skint!!

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