Mister Hanky

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. After a hearty breakfast of muffins eggs snorkers, bacon and mushrooms me and Mrs S took off for a couple of beers down ta local pub on our return I felt the usual daily urge to vear a couple of shackles to the waterline. Armed with the Daily Mail and my reading glasses I sat on the throne for a hefty dump, well being a nosey fcuker I always like to look at what I've given away for free I looked down at one of my recently snapped off brown admirals ,well fcuk my tall hat at first glance the end of said Richard had what initially looked like the face of Jesus Christ, so forget the Euromillions old Stan thought he had the new Turin Shroud. But on second glance I sadly realised it looked more like the features of my ex wife and the smell confirmed it.
    Still I could be on to a winner on this one.
    Anyone else laid a turd that looked familiar - bosses are out because there all turds anyway
  2. I folded out what looked like a Joggle Shackle a while back. Not sure I ever recall any of them having faces though.
  3. Stan_the_man: I sometimes worry about you shipmate.....lol..
  4. Monty too much fibre and not enough cider in you diet :D
  5. Noted, I'll see what I can concoct for your viewing pleasure oppo.
  6. Wits will be along shortly to show his lovely pictures 8O
  7. Trigger had an invite on Brittania a few years ago for a DTS swear they had a jar in the trophy cabinet with a turd curled down by HRH Diana which one of the ME Tiffs had "recovered" from the toilet pipes - didn't have a face but kept fcuking whingeing about its weight
  8. Did it have Will Carling's spunk all over it?
  9. Yeah and some mad doctors jizz, funny none of Charlies though.
  10. i had one the other day after a curry that looked like mr hanky had commetied suicide off the rim of the toilet

  11. You're too late:-


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