Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by melons666, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, im doing alright with AIB preperation but im really struggling with the missles and weapons systems used by the navy. I just want to know the main ones and their capabilities. Any suggestions on this?
  2. What's a 'missles' ?
  3. Think he means Missiles, unless missles is a new weapons platform.
  4. Probably is as once is a typo, twice is a spelling error.
  5. Don't you need GCE's for the AIB or some sort of formal education or is it now a three strikes and your out sort of board :wink:
  6. Has this numpty ever heard of Janes, there was a funny invention before the internet call a [email protected] library, AIB requires you to do your own research and not cut & paste something off a forum, lazy git.
  7. He could always ask Granny for a loan of his Janes.
    Carronades, 32lbs etc all explained and up to date (for Granny) :wink:
  8. Just remember the "vertical launch seawolf anti missile system". They loved it in my interview when i said that. Pretty self explanatory as to it's purpose... ;) Check the MOD website aswell. Has plenty of technical readouts there.


    Got most of my info going to navy days. Was useful going to that a few days before my interview. Was great...
  9. I would suggest instead of looking at the many systems employed and just learning them, try looking at how each type of ship copes with certain threats.
    For example, every ship has to have some form of air defence, so a type 23 might use Seawolf, 30mm, GPMG and minigun, a type 42 might use seadart etc....

    By learning this way it would demonstrate a better understanding of the systems and also how they fit into the operational capability of each platform.

    Good luck.
  10. Melon sunshine, you haven't been back since your initial post. You have to learn banter and piss taking as well as missile systems.
    Come on, come back and give some shit.
  11. Don't forget the nuclear detergent !!
    We used to catalogue records to send to the Public Record Office/National Archive, and used to slip in the "Nuclear Detergent" and "Soap SCUD Missiles" for a laugh. Somehow, they got through the system and appeared in the catalogues, which some anorak complained about. Instant sensayumour failure by the bosses, my supervisor nearly wet herself laughing, mild rebuke, forget the jokes. Years later, I listed "Underwater Noise" which appeared in the Catalogue as "Underwear Noise" - luckily I kept our original copy and was able to prove it was their dyslexic computer geeks that screwed it up.
  12. Nice to have a St. Boniface education after all! :wink:
  13. Yeah, I think that's where I got info to pass for AB :roll: :wink:
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Come back Melons. Are you a bloke? If not, how big are your melons?
  15. Melons? trap one, although I must say do like a nice pear myself. :D :oops:
  16. In all fairness to young Master or Miss Melons, it could be a result of brain washing from saturation by Amuricun entertainment and documentary television. I remember being about age 9 and convinced that missiles were pronounced missles. Thank you tea time television from septicside. My dad rapidly corrected my misapprehension!

    At least the Post wasn’t in bloody text speak and it did have some capital letters in it (apart from Navy).
  17. Good job you steered well clear of the AIB then shippers with grammar like that :D :D :D :D :wink:

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