"Mission Critical: Afghanistan'. World exclusive documentary

Coming April, 2016, as part of Channel 4's 'Unreported World' series:

A world exclusive, eye-witness account from the front-line, of the total collapse of Northern Helmand to the Taliban; including the fall of Sangin and Musa Qala. Plus, the first pictures from inside what is left of the former Camp Bastion.

Abi Austen, best-selling author of "Lord Roberts' Valet', an account of her near four years service in Southern Afghanistan with the US Army, returned to Kandahar in February, 2016.

Flying on multiple combat missions with the Afghan Air Force, Austen pays witness an Afghan army falling apart - and the disintegration of Britain's Afghan legacy. She sees the start of the battle that will decide Afghanistan's future: for Kandahar city itself, the birthplace of the Taliban movement.

Desperately short of equipment, sustaining more casualties in just one year more than the British lost in fifteen, the Afghan army is staring defeat in the face. Austen's film questions both the power of the Afghan military to resist the Taliban onslaught, and the West's refusal to help.

Abi Austen's film. 'Mission Critical: Afghanistan', will be broadcast on April 08th, at 1930, on Channel 4.
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