Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bigbaddog, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. LOST.
    Avatar - Answers to the name of "Spike"
    Caught sight of some pussies on another thread
    and jumped out of Image Cave, over the firewall
    and legged it into my Outbox.
    Believed to have E-Mailed himself into the outside world.
    Last seen going up a VirginMedia Broadband cable.
    Description: Ugly bastard Dalmatian with an "over-bite" problem.
    Substantial Reward for finder:
    "Spike!....where you gone - you spotty bleeder!"
  2. Will keep my eyes open bigbaddog :)
  3. Thanks!
    Here's the only photo I've got left of him.
    (He ate all the rest before absconding)
    Looks virtually the same from both ends.
    Gawd....I miss him.....

  4. Well at least i know what ime looking for now :) (keep that reward money on hand)
  5. This is absolutely terrible. I'll try to get you a spot on Crime Watch to see if anyone can help.
    I don't suppose you're from the Pool are you? They do a nice line in sympathy for lost causes.
  6. The cheeky little mutt's just e-mailed me....
    To: [email protected]y
    Having a great time out here! I am not coming back, just to sit in the top left hand corner of your moronic posts. Lots of lady alsatians to choose from. It's the dogs bollocks!

    Spike XXX :toothy3:
  7. bbd - if you look REALLY closely at where your avatar used to be, you can just make out a pair of eyes - is there any chance Spike's hiding there? :D
  8. Can't blame him dog, what would you rather do, sit on RR and watch some one play, or get you end away????
  9. Be paitent bbd you never know throw him a bone and he might come back.
  10. Would you? =)
  11. Good idea!

    (Left a pile of bones outside the back door...y'never know)


    Spike!!!!....Dinner Time!!!
  12. Well bones are not really my thing :) so no... and anyway i really dont think BBD wants me sitting in his avatar box.
  13. ooooo baddog,,, spikes found a friend.........
    thinks she in the club............
  14. ooooooooooooooooooops TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    errrrmmmm DADDY Spike ehehehehehehe
  15. Josie, while we're on about avatars, every time I see yours it reminds me of a woman lying on her back, legs akimbo, displaying her pussy while in Exeter, if you get my drift.

    No offence..........:)
  16. Bastard's just sent me a postcard:


    Dear BBD,
    Well she was pissed and up for it.
    Much more fun than the Vicars leg!

    Wuff Wuff,

  17. hope this is to your liking.................. :afro:
  18. You get me wrong Josie, I'm not saying I didn't like it...........it always put a smile on my puss!

    Anyway, enough of the hi-jacking........sorry BBD!
  19. "SPIKE!.....HERE BOY.....!!!"

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