Missing sister was a WREN

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Seaking824, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Looking for anyone who knew or can help me find my sister Sandra (Sandie) Kirby, she was a WREN Officers Steward and at Dauntless about '65 or '66, I know she was at RNAS Culdrose in '67 as my Ganges class visited there

    I lost contact with my sister over 35 years ago, last I heard she was in the Cambridge UK area if anyone knew her or knows her whereabouts today please fee free to contact me.

    She would be about 60+ years old now, I heard she lived above a fish and chip shop in Cambridge some years ago. Could also be under the name of Sandra Jones. I'm just trying to find out if she's still alive.

    I know it's a longshot but I've had so much help in Navy forums in the past thought it was worth a try.

    Many thanks

    I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Rip Kirby
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Rip, have you tried Forces Reunited there is also a WRNS website which may be helpful.
  3. SK

    I'll see what I can do.

    Middle name?

    Where was she born?

    Date of Birth? approx is fine.

    Did she marry?

    PM me if you wish with the info.
  4. Rip I was at Culdrose at that time, and I believe I knew her as Sandy Jones. My ex was a "Crumb Duster" there at the same time.
    I have started a search through old friends who were there at the same time.
    I'll be in touch, shortly.
  5. Many thanks for the replies guys.

    Can't remember her DOB off hand but I can find that out, she would be about 60 or so by now so YOB would be 1950 I think.
    Yes she did marry after leaving the Wrens...again I think, her married
    name was Jones.
  6. Rip
    Try 192.com
    quite a few Sandra Jones listed on there in that area and also about the same age
    Good luck
  7. Thanks for that site, is there something similar in the UK that is free ?
  8. So you actually knew her, that's great. I only have 3 pics of her so thought I would post one of them (hope I'm allowed to post a pic, if not I apologize.

    A picture is worth a thousand words so they say. This was taken while she was at Culdrose at some function or other.

    Did we know each other, I was drafted to Culde Jan of '69 after my part 2 training at Arbroath, I was a NAM A/E

  9. Hi Rip,

    The England & Wales Marriage index 1916-2005 lists the following:

    Sandra A Kirby to David Jones Apr-May-Jun 1969 Surrey South Eastern Surrey

    Sandra Kirby to Anthony Jones Apr-May-Jun 1970 West Bromwich Staffordshire

    Sandra A Kirby to Ivan Jones Oct-Nov-Dec 1971 Fakenham Norfolk.

    I am a member of Genes Reunited and I have searched their listings for your sister. There are quite a few Sandra Kirby's listed, along with contact details. However, it really would be helpful if you could please supply your sisters birth location, as this would allow me to narrow down the search results a little.

  10. Hi Sweatpea

    Oh that's just great work, thank you. I can tell you it's the first one of the marriages you found. She did marry Dave Jones in '69.

    Place of birth.mmmmmm well I was born in Peckham and she's 2 years older than me so lets go with Peckham.

    I'll be calling my mother in Australia tonight to get her DOB and where born.

    Can't thank everyone enough for helping me out on this one.
  11. Hi Rip,

    Genes Reunited listing:

    Sandra Kirby born 1951 Islington London.

    Would you like me to make contact and enquire on your behalf?

  12. Rip, I'll enquire on your Jennywrens group, several of them were at Culdrose at that time, and may know her.
    Also there is a big group on Facebook, Wrens Past and Present, it may be worth asking the question on there as well.
    I'll let you know if I come up with anyrhing.
  13. I'm not sure if that would be her SP, if memory serves me right she's two years older than me, that would put her only a year older than me. I'll get info from my Mother in a few hours because of the time diff and let you know.

    On a note I guess it wouldn't hurt to make a quick call and see if it is her, thanks
  14. Thanks, I already have a posting up on the Dauntless forum, every little helps though. I'll have to join up on facebook.
  15. It is a free site Rip
    Hope this helps
  16. According to 192.com, there is a Sandra A Jones (aged between 60-65).

    EDIT: Address and phone number removed for privacy.

  17. Maybe I got it all wrong this morning, I saw a Sandra A Jones in Cambridge, when I clicked on the address icon it stated I needed to purchase credits to look at her info. I'll sure go there again though.
    Yep, just tried again the one I wanted info on is in "premium" items that you have to pay for ........go figure lol.

  18. Or you could try the WRENS group on facebook. Message the head girl - Jane Thatcher I think her name is.
  19. Thanks,you must have ESP, I was just starting a search on facebook for wrns. I knew this would be the place to come and get help.

    It's so nice to know there are such good people out there in the world.
  20. You are welcome. I am trying to make up for having a bollocking on another site for breaking the rules of the BBC by not taking phots!

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