Missing sailor

I hope it turns out well but I've a feeling he may be found in the desert somewhere.

I hope I'm wrong for his family's sake but it's been a long time now considering the publicity and search that's going on.
I have been reading conflicting reports of his disappearance.The most common is that he was put in a Cab by his oppos and has not been seen since.Another report suggested he was seen getting into a Cab with a man and a woman.It is odd that no Cab driver has come forward to say that he picked up the fare in either case.
If he had been kidnapped for some kind of ransom surely the demands for his release would have been made by now and if he'd been mugged and assaulted his body would have come to someones attention.
It must be very distressing for his family that he appears to have disappeared into thin air but no news is good news,or so they say.
Gotta wonder if he hasn't jumped on an emirate airways flight and disappeared to start a new life with some dolly bird???? At least that would be the better option than digging hom up in the desert.
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