Missing RN veteran Feb 2017


Hi all,

Some if you have probably already seen this but maybe one of his old oppos will sight. Cleared with Mods so give it a share please:

From a pic shared on FB I think he was a killick Phot on Herrick.

Possibly served on HMS Ark Royal.

Poss with 845 NAS (?)

He has been in touch with Ex Services Mental Welfare Society (Combat Stress) and may be registered with them.

His sister just wants him to contact the family.

@Levers_Aligned @Bad CO - will advise any update I see. Thanks guys.

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To all - this guy's disappearance is in the public domain now so I see no problem in it being broadcast here. Please respect confidentiality however and refrain from dit spinning about him or putting anything persec about him. Any details about his whereabouts should be forwarded to the bill and not put on here.



Thanks Levers..let me know if I've screwed up.

As at 201045 Feb nothing heard on Mr Ellis.

Appreciate there are a million reasons why people need to step off the planet sometimes.

Hope some of his former messmates may sight this ,ping him and ask him to get in touch with either Auld Bill or family,for reassurance.


Thanks Janner,

to confirm your dit , this from Liz Sergeant who posted the original appeal:

Thank you for your help and support. Paul contacted the. family and agreed to return home. We are really relieved.

Not sure if Rum Ration helped but at least he's in touch.

BZ anyone who took the time and trouble.