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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Beowulf, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,

    I planned the next six months of my life around the RMR weekend exercises, so what do they go and do? They ruddy well change them!

    This leaves me snookered as I will defo miss out on one.

    My question is, does any of you fine people know whether it is possible to get on another units weekend to catch up?

    Any help appreciated.

  2. Wulfy
    I wouldn't see this being a problem mate,as long as you speak to the relevent people. Question for you?? How many weekends a month do you do now?? We used to have unlimited weekends, courses etc in the early 1990's
  3. Hello NB!

    First phase training goes likes this,

    One intake weekend, six field exercise weekends at CTC (roughly one per month) and then a confirmation weekend to ensure you can hack the two week Phase 1 course.

    All in all 8 weekends culminating in the two week course, pass that then and onto the joys of Phase 2.

    I’ll talk to the training team closer to the time to see how I can catch up on the weekend.

    Cheers matey,

  4. This has changed considerably since i did my training in 1990-92. I suppose it might depend on what unit you are serving with but there were no weekends at CTC prior to my phase 1 course. In fact i dont think i even saw CTC until i went down there on my phase one course. What a nice surprise that was........Joy. Interested to know what unit you finally opted on because from our conversations it was a toss up between 2. PM me and we'll compare notes.

  5. nutty_bag, Beowulfmust be training at the Lympstone detatchment of RMRBristol thats why his weekends are at CTC.

    Beowulf, in my troop there are lots of lads who missed the odd weekend, as long as you are prepared to catch up notes, and dont let your phys slip, you can miss one or two and it isnt a problem, certainly during phase one. if you were to miss 3 then you are on thin ice, any more and its curtains.

    one of the most switched on blokes in our troop is missing the next three weekends, due to exams, however he missed none during phase one and came top of the course at CTC so he will more than likely not struggle with catching up any lessons he misses.

    basically if you arnt a nobber then missing a weekend isnt a major drama. if you dont know your gas parts from you hexi then you might be out of your depth on your next weekend back.

    as for training with another unit, i have not heard of that, but it may well be possible. however as far as i knew most units have the same dates for training.

  6. Thanks Halford
    I was just interested in the comparisons between now and 15 years ago when i completed training. It seems that the training is much the same now as it was then.

  7. Thanks for the replies chaps, PMs' on route



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