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missing a GCSE!! argh!!!


hi all, i've just been for my formal interview to join as a AC, only to have it cancelled due to not having a C+ in English at GCSE, now i have a NVQ 2 in Key Skills, and was hoping / under the impression that that was the same thing almost?

now i have to work out if i can get a GCSE done and passed or pick something else, my RT was very good so i can do anything according to the AFCO, but I'm unsure if its worth joining in a trade that wasn't my number 1 choice?

and does the upper yard man options require you to have 5 GCSE's as well?

many thanks



War Hero
If you can live without being an AC then join as something else, if not then take the GCSE on a fast track at a local college or something :)

You'll always regret it if you go into a job as a 2nd best kind of option.

Good luck.


War Hero
The only alternative to GCSE's are SCE's unfortunately.

NVQ 3s are accepted in some subjects at Merit pass or higher in lieu of A Levels.

UY require 5 GCSE's including Maths & English, grades A*-C

SUYs (Over age 26) require 4 GCSE's including Maths & English, grades A*-C


Lantern Swinger
Go to college, get the GCSE sharpish and get the ball rolling again, it won't take long to get a single GCSE and the AC branch will still be there in a few months time.


captainobvious said:
Go to college, get the GCSE sharpish and get the ball rolling again, it won't take long to get a single GCSE and the AC branch will still be there in a few months time.

its all good there a crash course (in English not planes!) be run at my local education centre! and i can use my SLC! so not real hold up, (i hope!)

thanks for all the replies!

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