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Even so Stix, slack fucking drills. He should have done the quickstep to the Guardhouse for a hefty beasting session, followed by a pummelling from the rest of the lads. Amateur pure and simple.
Doing a workup in Faslavatory in the 80s one of the lads got shot by a blank fired from a SLR. From 6` away, it burnt/blew a hole in a thick cotton 8s shirt and left burn splatter marks afoot in dia including his face just missing his eye. The back of his head must have been sore, Good self control, lucky he didnt twat the guy with the butt.
Not really, they are clearly using blank ammunition and that will have happened from the discharge of gas. Still, it achieved its aim and certainly makes you look at it twice!!!
Oh got ya. Thought it might hve been some tin pot country where they may have used live rounds

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