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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Jimmy, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Ok has this been done?

    Who would you vote for?
  2. Monty and XRD...

  3. I think some photos are in order, that we we can put it to the vote :thumbleft:

    Go on ladies, show off your goodies!! :D
  4. Difficult one as the wimmin are a bit shy on this here site!!!
  5. Think we've been through this on the RR calendar thread
  6. Yeah, what happened to that idea?
  7. Monty and XRD are still fighting over who's the most essence and should be on the front cover (it'll be me anyway)
  8. XRD may have the answer "The wimmin are shy on RR" :wink:
  9. Heaving more like it!!! :wink:

    Stand fast morsey!! xxx
  10. Well i would say we could both feature on the front cover but i'm not sure our ego's would allow it as we KNOW for a fact we are as essence as fcuk!!! :roll: 8) :roll:
  11. Would you vote for wannabefpilot or officerinland
  12. No idea what officer looks like. Wannabe isnt too bad IMHO

    After several pints!!! :wink:
  13. carolannabelle XRD?

  14. She needs to stand on a chair to reach puberty mate!!! Jimmy i cannot help but feel that you are perhaps fishing but to what end i'm unsure!! :D

    I have a very limited knowledge of what the wimmin look like on here!!! :wink:
  15. I heard you were the expert on the wimmin of RR
  16. Ok are there any ladies on RR? :twisted:
  17. Ah thats it!! I go with the "Wimmin want to sleep with me and men want to be me" adage mate!! I cannot help it if i have trouble walking due to the wimmin hanging from my ankles!! 8O :D :D :D

    Edited to note this is very much tongue in cheek before people board the outrage bus etc etc!! :wink:
  18. Only one's with moustaches mate!!

    You know who you are

    Taloolah!!! 8)

    Standing by for rant a'la body form advert!!! :D
  19. (Sigh).AAAAnnnnnddddd he's off. 'Tache ? As if you'd know...at least you have me down as as lady, l stand grateful for one small mercy. It's only taken 10 weeks :roll: :wink:

    X. You need to get out more. :lol:

    As for posting our mugs on RR, I believe Monty has a truckload of totty plastering themselves all over his PM area, ( and Our XRD, if he's to be believed, *cough*).....who are either bave enough or dumb enough, to do it... take your pick, depending on who you pick :twisted:

    One t'ing i learned on Ze Fetish Website - never , ever post your mug on the Internet. Once it's out there, it's out there and any weirdo can pick it up....(knew there was a reason I've become so fond of you all) 8) :D :oops:

    Besides....not heard CAB or Wannabe for some time. Your insults couldn't have helped....and now you need bints, where are they ? Only got yourselves to blame if you need to resort to wearing mankini's, that's all I can say. :D 8O.....although, Monty in one....hmmmm :p

    Edited for type-o'sand crap spelling
  20. Sigh...............that will be the rant then!!! :wink:

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