Mirror: "Sub Hunting With First Female Commander Of Major Royal Navy Warship"


"The Cold War may be a distant memory but the Royal Navy still plays cat and mouse with the Russians, who continue to snoop around our coastal waters.

Tracking their submarines is one of the Navy’s most important roles – and one of its most secret. And among the warship captains who maintain a ring of steel around the nation is Sarah West, who in 2012 became the first female commander of a major Royal Navy warship in the service’s 500 years."

Royal Navy Commander Sarah West: Sub hunting with first female commander of major Navy warship - Mirror Online
CASEX the most boring evolution, known to man,and woman!!!..:blank: hope she doesn't find and fire on the Amorous whale, disporting itself :love10:
Ha! When I linked on to that i got a pop-up telling me that if i liked 'this' I might also like stuff about the Aurora Borealis. Oooh yes please. With some 'genuine' photos of course. :sign5:


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Le Pacha Est Une Femme

The Mirror's article has been picked up by one of France's highest profile magazines, Paris Match and added as an International News item on its website. Paris Match has written a brief synopsis of the article then added a link for readers to read the Mirror's original:

Royal Navy. Le pacha est une femme - Paris Match

Royal Navy

The CO’s A Woman

The Mirror has been following the first woman to command a Royal Navy warship. Sarah West, 41, is the Commanding Officer of the frigate HMS Portland, tasked with carrying out one of the most crucial roles in naval warfare, that of locating and tracking down enemy submarines. "Anti-submarine warfare is the military version of chess. You must work out what the enemy is going to do before they even think of it," she says.

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"Cdr West observes, her eyes flashing in victory ...", 'kinell! Poetic or what? And, Stygian skies? (Navy News) Wassat then? Black watery skies. We are in the presence of literary giants. :study:


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