Mirror: "Drone Mine Hunters Put 600 More Royal Navy Jobs At Risk"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. 600 matelots in 8 Hunts? Where do they all live?!

    But yes, the MCMV and HM community are in for a bit of a shock when the next generation of vessels roll around.
  2. is there any truth in this though? i mean it is the mirror
  3. Yeah, intention is not to replace the HUNTs (and probably the SANDOWNs) with like for like vessels, but mixyblob them up with the Droggie Fleet. Regardless of what happens, the replacements are going to have to do a VOS Dip or two!
  4. Sorry mate, droggie fleet? VOS dips? im applying for mw at the moment and feel i may have to change branches due to this news now
  5. Change your user name as well, to Muffdiver....I'm sure you'll find it more rewarding ! :tongue1:
  6. Don't be silly mate this has been in the pipeline for a while and will be for some more time as well. There will still be a need for Muppets on the new ships to operate the kit, maybe just not as many.

    And VOS = Velocity of Sound and a Droggie is a Hydrographer.
  7. Why would you change your mind?
  8. Probably doesnt like the sound of VOS dips ATG!
  9. He's not the one who's got to worry about putting a VOS through the props! Or bloody hovering a HUNT whilst the MWO is gobbing off about a diving conning run. Left, left, left Right 5......?!

    Seriously, MCMs and HM Ships are both great fun.
  10. There's no need to do that, MS. You chose your job because it was the best job for you; stick with it. Being in the MW queue is a good place to be at the moment anyway, so stay where you are.

    This article is talking about something currently in development; by the time this all comes on stream, you will have been in for a while, so don't worry. If you want to be sure, run it by your Careers Advisor, but I'm sure that he/she will confirm what has been said to you already.
  11. Yes it's great fun giggling on the backend when all of it goes wrong! Haven't screwed a VOS dip yet though! Recovery by hand isn't fun though!
  12. I've put a SeaFox FO cable through the props, the FOSTie wasn't impressed by it......
  13. I read that 3 sub-classes of Type 26 are planned. 1 of these is reckoned to be a smaller corvette-like vessel, with MCM capability, but that'll be 2020 at the very earliest. FYI, 13-18 frigates are planned, with 1 ASW sub-class and 1 general purpose. I could be wrong, there's a lot of speculation about future ships, as there naturally is. a lot of bullshit stories, like one of the CVFs being sold off as soon as finished, have come out of the gutter press, especially Sun & Mirror.
  14. Driving seafox through the net and out the other side and around it a couple of times was good an all! Can't beat putting a mine line in the Voith though!
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  15. Cheers for the replies, i will stick with my choice of mw. Waiting on my DVA checks to be completed, was told a rough date for possibly june 2012 for HMS Raleigh but i have a feeling it could be longer.
  16. When did you sit your RT, MS?
  17. Started RT in Nov 2010 and was told at that time a wait of 18 months. After my Interview i was told im looking at June 2012, this was June 2011.
  18. June 2012 sounds quite possible then.
  19. I hope so, thanks for the help.

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