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"Weeks spent underwater, wearing the same clothes and crushed in with dozens of other men. It sounds horrendous.

But, as he walks through the tunnels of HMS Alliance, the A-Class submarine he spent years of his life on, former Royal Navy submariner Bill Handyside says: “It was the best job I ever had.”

For the 86-year-old, it is emotional to see the results of a three-year, £7million refurbishment of the Alliance, the last Second World War-era submarine in Britain."

A submariner's life onboard the HMS Alliance and how it's time to be reunited - Mirror Online

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Ah, journlism it it finest again....THE HMS Alliance!

Great to see her and the museum doing so well. If you are a sundodger and you have not been then you really should. If you are not a sundodger then you should go. It is a great place. I've been to the HUGE USN Submarine museum in New London, and our little hut kicks the poo out of it!
I think the first thing to correct is the title -
[h=2]"A Submariner's Life Onboard HMS/M Alliance" is more appropriate. No, I never served on HMS/M Alliance but I did complete my Part III in HMS/M Andrew, so I guess I qualify to comment![/h]
In 1969 while being a valued member of SM2 Spare Crew I had the pleasure of a pier head jump onto Alliance for a little 4 weeker in the Iceland - Faroes gap. I had plenty of time to get the know the boat and if I ever return to see her it will only be out of curiosity as to how they've changed her into a tourist attraction.


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Served on Alliance briefly in 69 ? then had a pier head jump to Aeneas. They were good boats, took my kids round in about 86, it was interesting but the guide was coming out with a load of utter crap. But he looked the part!


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Went up last week, they've done a job with Alliance. The Museum improves everytime I visit, would recommend it if you are in the area.


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I was there last week as part of my course and it was very interesting to see and hear about it all from the guide who was a crew member back when it was in service.

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