Minor Administrative Action

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Shakey, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why this has been introduced?

    It appears it is intended to be used when disciplinary action would not be appropriate. It seems to consist of dishing out minor embuggerances to people for being slighty adrift and the like.

    It's borrowed from the Army. Is it nothing more than a method to reduce unofficial bullying by corporals and sergeants?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    No such thing as being slightly adrift, your either on time or late.
  3. Being slightly adrift is a bit like slightly being dead.
  4. Is this what was once called 'Case Admonished' ?
  5. I know, it all seems a bit strange to me. If the ship was under sailing orders and you were adrift then you're still up in front of the skipper, but say if you were five minutes adrift for an ordinary watch then this is where this Minor Administrative Action comes in. Or say if you persistently looked like you had got dressed in a scran bag. In the dark.

    If a killick, PO, and upwards chooses to use it then it has to be logged.

    My gut feeling is that the army introduced it after the Deepcut fiasco to stop unofficial beastings and allegations of bullying. Everything is to be recorded.

    Perhaps someone higher up the food chain can elucidate us?
  6. It's been introduced to speed things up basically.
    Before when you had someone up before the Joss it could take weeks before they got to the table, now minor infractions can be dealt with the same day. It still has to be logged with the EWO/COXN and accumulations will be acted upon. I believe that an officer still has to approve the punishments, a NCO cannot just award a punishment so it remains legal.
    I may be wrong, but I think this is the main jist of it.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I take it the days when the CSM had a line of maskers on the floor are long gone then?

    "Mne Blobbs, do you except my punishment?"

    *Gulp* "Yes Sarn't Major"......Que stepping over line and into his own private space......

    *Thump*....."Pick yerself up and fcuk off Blobby you cnut"

    "Yes Sir, Thank you Sir..."

    Ahhhh, them where the days...... :p
  8. Minor Admin Action appears to have been introduced for a number of reasons.
    Empowerment of Leading Hands, action to fit the offence, speeding up things etc. From my limited experience it is working quite well. The Joss' or the Buffer's lurk list may still exist but for example someone who is 3 mins adrift for a Duty Watch muster will not tie up the whole admin/legal chain for ages. They then get a bit of extra work or drill or report back musters as an admin action - Why convene a table for something so simple? Or of course why let them get away with it?

    I am sure there are lots of RR members who would say it is overkill but it saves a massive admin burden and of course brings in parity across the ship 'tween departments.

    I am sure there are other good reasons but I cannot remember them now.
  9. So whats new,
    Good regulators often used to dish out an extra duty or other minor punishment rather than use the defaulters routine. Worked well for all parties concerned. You could always refuse of course and opt for commanders table (if you were stupid).
  10. The Officer of the watch was more or less instant for a days 14s etc.
  11. There were a number of occasions when I could have dropped myself in the brown and stinky after commiting some minor misdemeanour (normally late for work after a run ashore) that the boss decided to give some extra shitty little jobs instead of trooping me. Mind you, it works both ways. There have been plenty of occasions when the Chief has still been in his cart, shiters, with the WEO on the warpath and I've covered for him. What goes around comes around and if your boss runs you then you can always get your own back.
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Not anymore mate, PACE, consequence of criminal record blah blah blah, the system has become so entangled in legal crap that it has become almost not worth your while to charge anyone unless the offence is serious and you have an admission!

    As has been said this was brought in to enpower junior NCO's and about time! As I understand it a L/H can dish out the punishment to an AB after raising appropriate paperwork over signed by a PO and logged with the CO, PO can do the same to LH if oversigned by CPO, other governing factor is that there must be either an Army or RN Officer as CO of the unit as the RAF haven't (yet) signed up to it.
  13. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I know that a 2 1/2 ringer got done this week down at Raleigh under the Minor Administration Act!

    It's a good system as long as it isn't mistreated.
  14. I've been slightly dead for years, if you don't mind Hig! :lol:
  15. While I would like to bring back summary trial by OOW and the like, it just isn't happening in today's ECHR-ridden world. If infractions are treated as disciplinary/administrative instead of criminal, then the whole procedure is a lot easier and quicker to enforce without loads of human rights bullshit.
  16. in the FAA we have always has something simular, this now makes it all official. i have lost count the number of lads who in one way or another have cocked up, say 5-10 mins adrift or duty keys leaving a window open. why spend 3-4 weeks messing around wrinting statments etc for someone 5 min adrift. why not make them work longer or duty keys for the weekend. i think it is one postive move forward for the RN (come on there hasnt been that many postive changes recently)
  17. Agreed. When the lads see others having their weekend curtailed they soon start getting the message and buck their ideas up. Our best scoe was eleven in one week! Brilliant. After that week it all went quiet...every one was on time, lethargy was suddenly gone etc etc...tis indeed the best thing that's happened since...er...um...sliced bread.
    And as previously mentioned, saves having to do all this statement stuff and PACE etc...

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