Ministry of Defence plans new wave of unmanned marine drones

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Naval_Gazer, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Original post deleted.

    Started a serious thread in a serious forum about a significant professional issue in an attempt to encourage some fresh blood to participate. Should have known better as it got hijacked as usual. :roll:

    Aren't Lil's and ROMFT enough to crayon in? Guess it's back to re-join the other grown-ups on ARRSE.
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I really hope the MOD keeps out of the development of Drones, fine, encourage development, say what they want but please keep a hands off approach.

    If anyone can **** up something promising it's the MOD.
  3. Is that what happened to me?
    Can I sue?
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  6. Does a blick man have white tattoo's and English tribal tattoo and what would that be?
  7. As I am far too well mannered to stare at other mens willys I couldnt comment, but I'm assured by the nurse in the clap clinic that 18 holes on a crib board is adequate.
  8. Depending of course, on which end you're measuring from :wink:
  9. True.. but only after you've already spanned one.
    Mine...a baby's arm grasping an orange does not come close..more like a python eating a melon.
    Anyway after you've fucked your girlfriend bring her round and I'll break her in.:wink::grin:
  10. Fine by me, she likes a laugh, will you be in the residents lounge or in your room.

    PS I hope you like big girls
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  11. I will be in my room, but there will be enough of my weapon in the residents lounge to be going on with.^_~
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  12. I have stolen Wreckers wig don't be afraid when you see it its not feral.
  13. Ace, I had a dump in that before I went out, it's woven from wifey's spare pubes dontcha know ^^
  14. Oh a dump? i thought it was just moose, I tried spoon feeding it sharky, thats when he kicked my head in.
    **** you must be rich if your missus can afford to keep spare pubes.
    We can't afford enough to cover ours.
  15. You in a wig made up of old pubes, I’m getting a faint whiff of Tuna and a picture of the love child of Albert Steptoe and Marsha Hunt
  16. I wanted the pubes for the RR meet.
    I wish to glue them around certain members mouths should they attend.
    Present company excused.

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