Ministers 'using fear of terror'

Pity she did not give her interview to a British newspaper and I disagree with her statement that, "there are more and more suicide terrorists finding a greater justification." I don't think these brainwashed by cowardly scum murderers give a toss about our anti terror laws they just want to kill the infidel.


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A very wise, practical, and learned Lady, is our Stella. She is right, completely right, in what she is saying. We have become over obsessed with this terrorist fear, and that is playing into the hands of terrorists who want to create that fear and disruption in our lives. Councils should never have been allowed to use such legislation, or even get near it - they were almost certain to abuse it, and the proof is in the eating in this case. (The case of the Parents sending the kids to a school in the Poole area, to mention just one).

The aspect of Police Officers quoting the law to photographers to stop them taking pictures is definitely going overboard. The Police in this country operate openly, and must be open about what they are doing. There are adequate powers to deal with those who obstruct them in the course of their duty - and the case will be held in open Court if it gets that far.

Closing up society does not necessarily make it a safer place. To combat terrorism we must get everyone in this country to work with us, and that does not mean that we have to compromise on our beliefs, etc.

Dame Rimmington is one of the few in whom I had confidence to speak on this matter; she also has a vast amount of first hand experience on this issue.

Additionally the concept that Identity Cards will help in this "Terrorist War" [sic]is laughable. We have all seen what can be done with Credit Cards and Driving Licences - why should an Identity Card be any different? What we do need is portable fingerprint, and facial recognition software which may help... a little.

Ands for the increased length of detention - I doubt that that will work in our favour, either.

The aims of any terrorist organisation is to create as much chaos and fear as they possibly can in the territory they wish to operate in - that will them allow them to move in; see all the other countries where terrorist have autonomy. The greater the fear - and thus the chaos - the better, as that will in itself, keep the home Services busy. Have a look at history... :oops:
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