Minimum Time ashore, giggle.

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by angry_mac, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Just a bit of advice and has this happened to anyone else? Basically got 2 yrs shore time, after 4 yrs at sea. Halfway through this I been jobbed to deploy for four months. Iam not too chipper about it and nor is the wife, but Operational requirements etc etc. Now can I get those four months back, i.e. tagged onto my original ERD, or have I dipped?
  2. Errrrm - Only advice I can offer is:

    1. Although near to your heart this topic is not a valid "current affairs" post, soooo:

    2. Beware the P-T who moderates/deletes/locks this CA Forum.

    Such is life at RR these days, sigh. :cry:
  3. Just another load to bear in our sad lives :cry:
  4. as the old adage goes, you aint dipped out, you just aint dipped in as much as everyone else. Are your three years left to finish your 22? If you are on 2oE I can recommend getting your notice in.
  5. Aye, ain't life tough in a blue suit. :lol:

    Nodded off have we PT?
  6. boohooo...have had the last 10 years on a sea going unit with no shore drafts
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Written like a Current Affairs moderator.

    Or Seadog who will move it to somewhere more appropriate; like *giggle* 'Shore Bases'.

    'Twas ever thus.
  8. Seadog - A sound move :wink:

    (You will confuse the enemy with your new avatar, the previous one for re-issue to P_T perchance.... :wink: )
  9. Angry_Mac - unfortunately for you nearly all shore jobs for matelots come with a 'secondary role' which means that if called upon, you'll be off to deployment 'on call'. To be honest, it is easier being on a Ship/Boat/Sqn as you at least know when you're deploying and when you'll be at home.
    Put it this way, with the reduction in size of the RN with the impending SDR, there won't be many shore jobs left, so make the most of being at home.

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