Minimum Return of Service for Warfare and Logistics Officers

Hello all,

Was just wondering what the minimum return of service is for warfare and logistics officers. I have read conflicting information, but think it is 3/3.5 years and would just like to confirm this is correct. Additionally RoS begins after passing out?
Please do not be so quick to judge that my question implies a lack of dedication. I am just weighing up every possibility and eventuality. Would be very grateful for any information on this as royalnavy.mod website is lacking on this for obvious reasons and not something i want to ask my AFCO. Cheers


War Hero
I'm afraid I don;t know the answer to the question you are asking, but I would advise you to never be afraid to ask a question that is important to you of the appropriate expert.

I am sure your AFCO has heard many less relevant questions. As you embark on your Naval career remember that the only stupid questions (within reason) are the ones your don't ask.

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