Minimum commitment times?


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I am interested to know whether potential recruits are told their minimum time to serve during the recruitment process? I can’t seem to find any guidance on the RN website (shocker), or using my best friend Google. Can any newbies/CAs shed any light?


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I was. Although I’m not technically a ‘new’ recruit. I was told after three years I can put my 12 month notice in. I was also briefed on exactly which contract I’d be coming in on etc.

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From the RN website:

Ratings can leave within 6 months of first joining providing they have served at least 4 weeks.

Once phase 2 training is completed (length varies between branches), there is a 2.5 year Return of Service. Certain in-service qualifications can extend this - details in the BR.

For most Officers the RoS is 3 years from completion of INT(O).
I know where to find it; I’m curious as to whether we advertise it. As in ‘the Navy doesn’t have to be a job for life’ as some people may believe? Just wondering whether this might put some people off? Is Generation Z (which one are we on now?!) still only interested in ‘toe-dipping’ careers and therefore put off an apparent long term commitment? I know I’m at risk of becoming an apologist for poor CNR performance here.........


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It might be the factor which deters a few candidates, Spare_Rib, but I would have said that the chance of a job which means a long-term commitment would have considerable appeal for many. There will be some applicants whose friends are working in 'the gig economy' or who live in areas where there are high rates of unemployment; the opportunity to have a lasting job and perhaps be able to save up for a flat would really appeal.

Something which would be interesting would be to know, although I don`t know how it would be done, what had persuaded a candidate to not pursue his/her application.

I know one recent enquirer personally; he`s 21, has a good degree from LSE in International Relations, speaks a couple of languages including an unusual one, is fit, confident etc. I talked to him about enquiring about joining and he followed up my suggestion.

He did tell me that his Mum wasn`t particularly pleased because he might find himself in dangerous situations, but I suspect that it was his girlfriend who caused him to think again, as she didn`t like the sound of his being deployed for months.

I saw him again the other day and asked how things were going. He told me that he had decided not to go any further with his application. I asked him whether he had other careers in mind and he said he had.

He`s applied to join the Army as an Officer. I asked why he felt that it was more for him than the RN and he said that he had been told that, as an Intelligence Officer, he would be spending much of his time in the UK and generally within easy reach of London (apparently). He felt that this was the way forward for him. His Mum and girlfriend are pleased with his choice, as they feel that they will be able to see much more of him than they would have if he had pursued the RN option.

In this instance, it wasn`t the fact that he would be committing himself to long term service in the Armed Forces which posed the problem, it was the prospect of spending long periods away from home.
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