Minimum alcohol pricing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Mar 1, 2013.

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  2. This is not a tax but a minimum price that any strength alcoholic drink can be sold at depending on the number of units of alcohol.As far as I can see the amount of duty payable remains the same.They're hoping the dimwits who get paralytic on cheap powerful lager from the offy or the supermarket will be priced out of the market.The rest of us just get swept up in the net but unless you're drinking loads of spirits or cheap plonk it won't make a great deal of difference to the cost of our tipple.
  3. Won't make any inference to the regular pub goers as they already pay more than the 50 p per unit minimum proposed charge. It will affect the home drinker who likes to drink in his own home and doesn't in the main engage in unruly behaviour. Therefore he as to pay the extra tax to pay for the policing of pub and club venues. Simples

  4. If it is not a tax..... who benefits from the extra revinue.........the manufacturer/brewery/distillery.....?
    The fcukwits to which you refer will not be drugs..... they will feed their habit..... from whatever source.
    I remember Caroline Flint in the last lot banging on about having 'warnings' on bottles.... like ciggies...this, coming from a party that introduced 'open all hours' licensing laws. I think it's just another example of the 'Nanny State'. The way to solve late night binge drinking in town centres, and the anti-social activities that ensue is effective policing, and penalties to match.
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  5. As one of those 'home drinkers' to which you're saying that I'm having to pay for the policing etc..... I thought I already paid for that through general taxation/council tax.....this is all too much for me.....I need a drink.[​IMG]
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  6. Couldn't agree more. No, really.

    Bloody state intervention is becoming more and more insidious. They seem intent on creating more and more laws/taxes and various other things to fu...(oops, not Lil's) mess us up.

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  7. If costs go up in shops, you can bet your eye teeth the bandits than run the breweries will put their prices up
  8. It worked on Andros, only the submariners could afford it, the skimmers had to go home early.
  9. The supermarkets etc. will not need to screw the breweries so hard on price to try and have loss leader promotions so there is a likelyhood that price rises will be limited to the usual inflation and duty.
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Maybe they should introduce minimum pricing on Micky D's and the likes of Burger King. I'm sure the NHS would be relieved.
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  11. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    100% back this up, obesity creates so many more health related issues than alcohol.
  12. I'm a bit annoyed that CAMRA supports this standard knee jerk reaction to what is perceived to be the problem. Their argument is that it will make drinking in pubs more attractive; and if it was that simple, I'd support it. What grips mine is the effect it will have on low income folk and particularly Pensioners. If you are some politician bludger, a few bob on a bottle of whisky or whatever won't make a big difference. Also, perhaps all those bloody celeb TV chefs will have stop those endless recipes that need tanker loads of spirit or wine.

    On the positive side, maybe we could convince our local friendly MP parasite that if we get the minimum pricing; kill the Beer Tax Escalator. The buggers can't have it both ways. While we're at it, it would be good cause to end that ridiculous variable Duty on beer ABVs.

    As regards pissheads making our streets unpleasant, that's probably more to do with lack of discipline in their upbringing. The alchol is an excuse, not the root cause. As others have said, the alcohol addicts will pay whatever it costs, by whatever means.
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  13. [​IMG] ........ Time to write to your M.P.
  14. Just about every corner shop in every town in the country has an alcohol licence, plus a Booze R U shop on every high street, pubs and clubs open all day, supermarkets open 24/7 with every kind of drink you can think of, to me its not the price its the availability.
  15. Are these ignorant buggers determined to destroy our British ale heritage? A pound to a pile of s**t, their target doesn't even drink strong Euro lager let alone strong ale. We don't know yet what the long term effects have been from the introduction of this idiocy.

    Anybody know what UKIP's drink policy is?
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  16. Until
    Kick out time

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  17. Whichever one they think will get the most votes.
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  18. Two answers to this ...

    Quick Booze Cruise to France to pick up all the wine you can carry from the Frog supermarkets

    Brew your own beer!
  19. BBC News - David Cameron vows to end cheap alcohol sales
    Well that's clear then. No doubt some cunning plan will pop up in the Budget; except that it was the Treasury that argued that reduced consumption would bugger up their revenue estimates. Either way, I bet the Brownian "beer tax escalator" stays in place.

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