Minimum age for tobacco smoking to rise to 18

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. What a damn shame, if not for blue liners then how would young matelots' have got those deep growly voices?
  2. I was having an illegal pint or three with a good pal of mine the other night. Said Pal is anti-everything, goverment, taxes, speed cameras,royalty, over paid football players and anything else for that matter. He has come up with an interesting theory:
    Coming soon, you will be sitting watching your telly and at the given time regardless to whatever you are watching, the telly will go blank and a voice will then say "TIME FOR BED" 8O
  3. I have no problem with them raising the age to 18. However what benefits will it bring when many 12 to 15 year olds are buying their ciggies from small corner shopkeepers who's only interest is profit!
  4. I have no problem with the age increase either. It is costing us a fortune to pay for the medical expenses of looking after the health problems of unrepentant smokers but I agree with Slim about the corner shops.

  5. A good idea, but just a bit pointless as has been said already youngsters can get hold of cigarettes very easy.
    If the goverment were serious about the health problems of smoking, they would make it illegal. If that ever happened, where would the £11 billion tax revenues be replaced from?
    As a smoker I know the damage it causes, but it's an addiction.
    As for any treatments a smoker may have need of via the NHS, I think that the smoker has more than paid for any cost involved by the extortionate amount of tax that is paid per packet - a smoker pays more tax into the system than a non smoker.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    More spin bollocks from a desperate Government. It won't make a bit of difference, but does give them more headlines for free
  7. They age limit can not be enforced now... so how does the governmernt think it possible to keep the new one..........Or yet again do they expect us to do it for them..??
  8. This raising of the age to 18 is yet another example of the goverment being "seen to be doing" They could change the law if they were serious about smoking and have a total ban, that will never happen because of the billions in lost tax. Smokers are excellent citizens pay a fortune in taxes and die younger than non-smokers saving loads of pensions. Is it just me or does anybody else worry about what perfectly legal product will become the next target alcholol?? and to all those who quote "burden on the NHS" go into any A&E dept and ask how many nurses have been assaulted or abused because of the effects of tobacco or which A&E dept's workload quadruples at weekends because of smokers
  9. They know that it won't make a bit of difference, just like when they increase duty way iver the odds each year saying it will encourage people to give up, knowing that the amount who do quit because of the increase will not lead to a reduction in revenue because they have done their homework sureveys etc and know that the increase in duty will more than offset the loss through people quitting
  10. Oh good! Now my lazy Asbo and Tagged ex neighbour will have to get off his fat ar*e and rob more shops to cater for his increased customer base.

  11. Happy days! :lol: Urm, I remember my first ciggy was a Consulate... smoked during my Bronze DofE Award Exped! They were also very useful for coaxing the undersized leeches off our legs after having to wade through one particular river! :lol: Have been a non-smoker for years though.
  12. It looks like Pusser will be issuing testosterone gel instead then! :lol:
  13. Well thats OK for the WRNS but what about the sailors?
  14. Should be raised to seventy five not eighteen!!!

    What did the prats from the big tobbacco combines state filmed undercover.


    I always send smokers to the rear when leading a walk how anybody can smoke while taking in the fresh air is beyond me.

    Coming soon, you will be sitting watching your telly and at the given time regardless to whatever you are watching, the telly will go blank and a voice will then say "TIME FOR BED"

    That comes under the headlines BEING MARRIED
  15. I've never smoked, but I don't see why 'Toni's big brother govt' should have more 'do-good' headlines that will achieve nothing. Everyone has a choice in this so called democracy of ours, that's why we have all chosen to fight for our country at some time or other ( stay at home crabs disregard!).
  16. Smoke as many as you wish. But please don't blow smoke in my face or expect me to be happy sharing your smoke.

    Here in Ireland we banned smoking in public places and such a joy it is to be sure.
  17. Smoking banned until your 18, no problem you don't vote until your 18, so you don't count!
  18. They already DO in DENMARK... State TV closes down in time for every good Danish Viking to be tucked up beneath his or her pristine white duvet before 2359. :lol: Denmark's about the only country where you'll find me snuggled under my duvet by 2200!!!

    That may change in the not too distant future Safewalrus.

    Things were so innocent when I was at school. They worried about us only smoking tobacco and killing ourselves! :lol: :lol: :lol: Drugs were almost unheard of... well apart from booze, benzene sniffing and psychadelic mushroom soup... :lol:
  19. Well if it's about to change lets get our oar in first and state that you don't vote until you have three years in, in the (armed) service of your country (basic training don't count), and you don't get to join until your 18! Would solve a few problems but the PC brigade would certainly whinge! there again as they are mainly traitors they wouldn't join and so wouldn't count! If we going to have a democracy lets have one that works!

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