Minesweepers in WWII

Discussion in 'History' started by Bill Stewart, Jun 9, 2014.

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  1. Hi All, I am trying to trace my fathers career in the RNR in particular in the Minesweepers during the second world war. Minesweeping ships details are very sparce. In particular I am looking for information about HMT Cumbrae, which was in the Med; in particular Crotone in Italy on 19th of Aug when he was drafted on board from BYMS 2019 (which was mined on the 18th). It would appear that this ship then transited to Egypt between then and Apr 44. I cannot find out anything about her.

    The other ship I am looking for info on is the MMS173 or J673 from 3 Nov 44 until 15 June 45.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of information
  2. Hello Bill.

    BYMS 2019 was mined off Crotone on 19 (not 18th) August 1943 and subsequently beached. These are extracts from The Coast is Clear - The Story of the BYMS by Eric Minett:

    HMT CUMBRAE was attached to the Mediterranean Fleet from 1942 and based at Haifa in company with HMT ISLAY for convoy escort duties. She was transferred to the Italian Navy in 1946.

    Built by J W & A Upham of Brixham, MMS 173 was ordered 2 September 1941, launched 21 December 1941 and commissioned into the Netherlands Navy as TEXEL I on 4 May 1942. She was returned to the Royal Navy in November 1942 because she was fitted with a 500 hp Newbury diesel whereas her sister ships all had Crossleys. Served with the 136th MSF (Mine Sweeper Flotilla) based at Sheerness from November 1942 then assigned to the 140th MSF based at Harwich in 1944. Placed on sale list November 1945. Reportedly, she is still being used as a charter day-trip yacht, named LADY MACK, in Oslo.
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  6. Thanks very much a lot of hard work on your part, Not the easiest of subjects to trace but I am getting there

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