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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by The_Wonderer, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello again folks. I'm still at application stage, which leads me to my next question. I'm interested in Clearance Diver, but told the RN are not taking anymore apps for this trade at this time as they have filled all the vacancies, so considering Mine warfare under the advise that I may be able to transfer at a later stage, because (apparently) this is quite common.
    Can anyone confirm this for me?.
  2. sorry to be a pain,

  3. It is true that Muppets and Divers work together on MCMVs and historically both branches have close links. It is true that many Muppets see what the Divers do and transfer over, but there are no special arrangements for any transfers. Transfers between branches have to be requested and are only granted if the manpower state of the branch you are leaving isn't underborne. At the recruiting office you have to sign a chit that states that you fully understand that you have no right to transfer from/to any branch. The diving branch is now the only place you can do diving as the old Ship's Divers adqual has been stopped.

    I've been on MCMVs for a number of years now (as a killick comms) and love them. A small ship's company were everybody knows everyone else and has to know their job. It's great being a member of a small team. And they don't rust. Bear in mind that they move more in the water, so don't go on them if you're seasick.

    Best of luck with your career choices.
  4. Do not believe anything they tell you. Yes you could transfer across but it won't be easy
  5. Both are right mate. 8-Bits is right in the fact that if the branch is under borne then you will have trouble getting clearance, and Nelsons_Blood, because once that clearance has been given it is quick. 2 of my boys have just been accepted for there aptitude, one already left the boat and the other leaves soon. bear in mind though that there is a very very high failure rate for both the aptitude and the course its self. it might sound a glamorous job but believe me i have seen some nasty accidents. hats off to the lads who do it. good luck what ever you decide
    PO Muppet
  6. I can't understand why they have stopped recruiting CD's. The branch is really short. Ninja_stoker will no doubt offer you some advice as to when they will start recruiting again. I agree with 8bits advice. Goin MW will give you an opportunity to see what the CD's do and it will also put you in a better position to get a recommend from the Captain to transfer.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Groundhog day!

    You should not join the service in the belief you can transfer branches once you've joined. (Below is a copy of the form you actually sign-on- read paragraph 'a')

    In addition whoever told you that we are not recruiting Divers is incorrect. There is currently approximately a 6 month wait from passing pre-entry diving acquaint course to entry. The branch is emphatically not closed to direct entry recruiting.

    It used to be a "sideways only" entry branch at one time, hence the belief that you may transfer to it, but you must not assume that you may transfer from another branch.

    "Form S3049 RN
    Revised DNR Sept 06

    Part 5 - Declaration by Candidate Continued

    I certify that:

    a) The Careers Adviser has informed me of the various branches and specialisations that I can enter and that once I have entered there is no possibility of changing my mind and try to transfer to a different branch However, I understand that the service may transfer me to any branch that assumes the functions of the branch which I first entered. I am content with my branch of choice and have chosen to enter as: YOUR BRANCH

    b) The terms and conditions of service in this rank have been explained to me and I understand them. I have not been persuaded to join by any other offer

    Candidate’s Signature Date
    Signature Witness 1 Rank
    Print Name

    Signature Witness 2 Rank
    Print Name

    Part 6 – Final Approval to Serve in the Royal Navy

    6.1 I am satisfied that this candidate meets the requirements for entry into the Royal Navy
    Signature Rank Date
    Print Name"
  8. I have a friend that has just transfered to diving but was not able to do so until after serving in their first branch for over a year. phase 2 staff can be unhelpful when requesting branch changes so you may have to complete training in your first branch then request it once you get to ship.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I dare say, but the issue is that you can join directly as a Diver so there's no point joining in another trade.

    If your Branch Manager decides you are employed in a shortage category trade then Manning Clearance will not be permitted & even if it is granted you normally have to complete 2.5 years return of service in your source branch before being considered eligible, as we have spent money training you.

    Far simpler: Join the right branch to start with rather than believe you can transfer.

    I would also add that Phase 2 staff have every right to be unhelpfull as the individual has signed an undertaking stating they are aware they cannot transfer & are content with the branch THEY have chosen, the individuals are wasting a lot of money & also depriving someone else of a training place in their original branch. They are also in breach of contract.
  10. soz i didnt mean it to sound like a dig, its just my afco sold me down the river and now im in a job that i didnt want to be in and i was told i could change in phase one then when it came to it i was told def phase two, when i got there i was told to re-apply. its not like theres a shortage of dabbers either there were too many of us on course.

    If the afco were honest with me. I would have waited the extra time in civvy street and joined as what i wanted to be.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Who specifically told you that you could change branches in phase one training, I wonder? It certainly wasn't your careers adviser.

    AFCOs specifically emphasise that you cannot change braches & give you a copy of your contract (S3049- a copy is posted on this very thread) to ensure you read it, are content with your chosen branch & are aware you cannot change.

    It is entirely possible that you didn't score high enough in the Recruiting Test for your chosen first preference branch & were offered alternative branches requiring a lesser score, however if that was the case you would have been given the alternative to wait 12 months to re-sit the recruiting test (a second & final time) to improve upon your score.

    Simply PM me your details & I'll find out why you are doing a job you "didn't want to be in" & specifically who "sold you down the river" & why an AFCO could possibly wish to be dishonest with you, or indeed anyone given that unhappy individuals generally submit PVR which is a complete waste of everyones's time & money.

    Reading back through your posts, it seems you joined as a Warfare Specialist, which is a shortage category & therefore, even assuming you scored high enough in the recruiting test for your first preference branch, would be unlikely to grant manning clearance for a change of branches.

    Your allegations clearly need investigating & the only way to do this is to verify your claims & give credence to your account.
  12. A second Stirling joins....and on Yorkshire Day :hello1: :wav:
  13. Yorkshire day, if i had known that i would have given myself a make n mend. oh wait a minute, its the weekend end here and i had the day off, oh yeah im duty. welcome stirling
  14. I understand where Red is coming from, I know a fair few people who are unhappy with what they took at the careers office. However this I don’t believe to be any ones fault at all. I know I was very young and naive when I joined up. I didn’t know what branch I wanted to join, and the information I was given didn’t really help me decide either. All I knew was I wanted to join up. I think when you are young and impressionable it is very easy to be misled, Christ I didn’t know my own name for nearly a year after joining up. Best mistake I ever made.
  15. You see Ninja! You are clearly a good recruiter and offer a excellent service on this forum for which you should be commended (are you after an MBE!) However it appears that I am not the only one who has negative opinions about some recruiting decisions!
  16. Or indeed, to hear what you want to hear.

    As a DO, a fair few moons ago, I had a young lad who felt he'd been misled, he wanted a branch change and seemed convinced that it was his right to get one. He wanted to transfer CT, despite not being the sharpest RO in the fleet.

    I made the mistake of humouring him, rather than telling him where to take his ideas, and talked through how branch changes happen, and the requirements of that branch at the time. I also cautioned him that I really didn't think he was up to the challenges and he'd be much better served by working on getting his hook as a communicator.

    I talked it over with my boss, just to keep him in the picture. If it had been in our gift we wouldn't even have taken it to table.

    At table to request it his story suddenly turned into Lt x told me that I could transfer and it wouldn't be a problem...... Surprisingly enough I got it in the neck from the CO, one of the sort who wouldn't let the truth get in the way of a good tantrum.

    I'm ever skeptical of complaints that AFCOs variously lied, misled, deceived etc. There are probably a few who are less than open with candidates, but nowadays HR legislation is so bound up in everything we do, it's just too high risk to bother.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I agree entirely, people will always seek to lay blame for an incorrect decision, but will seldom accept responsibility for having made the decision themselves.

    Mistakes can happen & it would be absurd for me to suggest that an AFCO is faultless, much as we strive for excellence.
    You will often hear people telling you that they were told they can change branches for example:

    The origin of this is often the loan ratings who man the AFCO reception who, in good faith, recount their anecdotal experiences but unfortunately may lead people astray despite the fact we always state that you cannot join-up expecting to be able to change trades. We have an ongoing training package for loan ratings, but inevitably mistakes can be made with a transient workforce. It takes many months to learn the job.

    The other thing that often happens is that people only hear what they want to hear & selectively forget they did not score high enough for a particular trade & that is why they selected & joined the branch they are currently in.

    Which is the crux, as Karma says we are bound by legislation.
  18. This is all common stuff, and it's probably because there's certain bits of another branch that you see and you think "Hang on, I should have joined up as one of them". I still from time to time wish I'd joined up as a STD, SA, CH, MA, MedTech or WEA depending on my mood
  19. Why?
  20. It's only a passing phase, like say if you're on a 42, and the S&S mess is from time to time frequented by WTR's, SA's, but always off-watch STD's. And they get paid the same as me for doing a lot less work.

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