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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ryanhawk7, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Going in as a mine warfare specialist, been told i should receive my date in the next 6 months. Just wondering what life was like on the smaller ships and what the job is like?
  2. When did you do your rt? I'm going in as mw.
  3. Did my rt jan 10. Originally for sea specialist but the wait was 60 months so changed to mw. When u do yours?
  4. Just seen yours was oct 09. Hopefully shouldn't be long for both of us.
  5. Got my date 26th of feb mate.
  6. Quality. Hopefully I won't be too far behind.
  7. Could be "SNAP" on that situation mate.
  8. U changing over ?
  9. Haven't seen any other mw on here (bar 1) then you flock to the site, be good if you get the same date as me, I can't imagine they have too many intakes for mw through the year.
  10. Yeah hopefully. He said that he can't be 100% but should be no longer than 6 months. Still got to do my acquaintance course. Is it pass/fail?
  11. Yes it looks that way, I've got to do it again!
  12. When u doing it.. He says he will arrange it for September. Is it just fitness tests or is there exams?
  13. More than likely pal, just going through the process of it all atm, il know for defo next friday, as builderbambi says, im not sure how many they intake every year but it can't be loads! Was it your idea to change or was it brought up by your CA?
  14. I emailed to see how the wait times were going for sea spec n then he told me 60 months n gave me some options. Mw looked the best of the lot.
  15. Know one knows what the new rnac is going to consist of yet I'm going there 26th September.
  16. Did your ca tell you it was pass n fail? Cos I was talking bwt it today n he didn't mention it.
  17. yep sounds like a few of us are getting simalar proposals, mw will end up being 60 months aswell lmao!!
  18. Haha they will be telling us to go back to sea spec lol. Is it me or does it seem abit unorganised?
  19. Well i wouldnt say unorganised from my point of view, its diffiult for the CA's atm, thousands of apllicants for a handful of positions and they have to recruit, doing a good job i think, at least we have the option of changing at this time, im happy with how its going for me.
  20. Yeah there doing a good job but originally told 20 months then changed to 60 months .. Just thoght they would say soon as.

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