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I am current looking to join the RN but stuck to what to pick. I tried to join back in 2014 but failed the medical so sent away for an appeal and can now join again after waiting 4 years.

When I went to join last time it was supply chain I was going into but now feel like that wouldn’t be as good as some other roles.

I have narrowed it down to MW or ACH but that’s 14 months waiting list where MW is only 5 months.

I am just trying to find out as much information about the role and what it’s like on the smaller vessels, also places you would go and places I could be based

The biggest questions is will I be sat at a desk most of the day looking at a radar or do you get to do other things aswell.



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These are some reviews of people who have served/serving in MW.
I'm in process of MW application.


This is a post I got a few replies on that you could have a look at as i was also torn.
If you read Ninjas reply he answers the places you could visit question more or less gives you an idea.
The whole radar thing to the best of my knowledge is that you take it in turns...

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