Mine Warfare Specialist information

No not really, we were wondering that if I joined the 'dark side' after I complete my ODP training, could he then transfere, as me being in the Army/RAF and him in thew RN would NEVER work as we have a child.

The RN is by far my 1st choice but the limted scope for ODPs (no chance of Faslane) may mean I have to look at DSA in the Navy instead.

I reality he will stay in the Navy on boats until he retires as he loves it, and I will have to make do with joining the TA as a ODP. But after losing more weight I am gonna go for DSA in the Navy but I do believe the score needed is very high for that but I can only try.

My head has to rule my heart with this one :-( its so hard because I really want to join (I wanted to join for about 6 years but never be able to lose the weight having some success now thou :thumright: and then he joined :threaten: ) but we could never both be at sea at the same time, as we have a child and I know the service has to come first. Its such a hard choice.

Hope that helps clear things up for ya Hig
It was more me wondering if he was too old rather then him to be honest
have you considered seaman spec or even comms, my youngest is based at faslane and branch changed from MW, to S.S. , although she enjoyed the M.W. , she much prefered her new branch, ( less painting and cleaning !I think) . but more varied. and with you living on the doorstep you'll get loads of home time, when alongside.

Less panting and cleaning in the seaman spec? I would've thought the other way around!

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