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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ProudNavyWife(tooBe), Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how much time away do mine warfare specialists spend away? and what life is like as one?

  2. ....oh go one then...I'll have a go.

    His ship may be away one day, overnight, a week or months at a time, most of the time will be spent alongside.

    Life as a muppet is the same as other branches, get up, dhobey, breakfast, turn to, lunch, turn to, secure, scran, ashore, back on board, head down etc or variations on the above theme.

    One thing is sure........mines don't feature too often in a MW's life these days...and life on a MCMV is a good one.
  3. Had 3 small ships and loved it, couldn't tell you what muppets get up to nowadays job wise but life in the wee navy was good. Loads of good local runs around the UK, a few foreign (Lots of time in the Med and Gulf just now). If I absolutely had to leave boats with no choice I would go back to small ships. Happy memories of xmas and hogamanay in Kirkwall (Orkneys), birds getting banged in the messdeck (before WRNS at sea!), and so much ale it felt like I was on a McEwans intravenous drip. Happy days indeed! If you can't join the submarine service small ships are the next best shipmate!
  4. oops sorry Navy wife just noticed you started this thread, disregard all about messdeck goings on in Kirkwall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was a figment of my imagination!!!!!!!!! aplogies for the rude bits!
  5. Thanks, I was thinking for me, my husbands a jack dusty on a V boat. I would like to join, I do have a place to go to university to train as an ODP but thinking of joining up as either DA, MA or MW as I think I could be in Faslane doing those jobs, I think DA would be my 1st choice and MW as second.
    Going to head down the AFC in the easter

  6. MW ratings spend alot of time at sea - i mean alot

    a few friends of mine are Muppets and most of them have been in 18 and most of them have spent 17 years at sea, only shore time was basic training and their killicks course
  7. What is "DA"?
  8. ODP - Operating Department Practitioner?
    DA - Dental Assistant?

    Most MWs serve in MCMVs (Mine Counter-Measures Vessels). We only have eight Hunt Class and eight Sandown Class minehunters left in the Fleet and most are kept very busy on deployments lasting several months at a time in the Gulf, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and elsewhere, as well as conducting seabed surveys and Fishery Protection duties around the UK. To find out what they get up to, go to the MCM section of the RN website then look at the 'News' section of each ship in turn according to its Class. Lots of piccies to see too.
  9. Thanks for the info, it sounds like they may not be the most sensible option with a child and a husband on boats, perhaps I shall concentrate on DSA (dental assisant) or go to uni and take up my place as a student ODP and think about the TA.

    Beginning to think it may not be very sensible for me to join
  10. Oh dont worry I know what you Navy boys get up to when together! LOL I dont have to worry trust my hubbie 110% and whats he gonna do on a V boat! LOL he certiainly doesnt grease the pole so to speek!
  11. sharon
    have you considered seaman spec or even comms, my youngest is based at faslane and branch changed from MW, to S.S. , although she enjoyed the M.W. , she much prefered her new branch, ( less painting and cleaning !I think) . but more varied. and with you living on the doorstep you'll get loads of home time, when alongside.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Don't be fooled into thinking DSAs are only shore-based barrack stanchions. DSAs serve at sea on capital ships with a DentO, and also temporary periods at sea to conduct checks on smaller warships' ship's companies deployed overseas.
  13. Sharon I don`t want to intrude but is`nt hubby thinking of deserting to the brown side? Or have i read arrse wrong?
  14. No not really, we were wondering that if I joined the 'dark side' after I complete my ODP training, could he then transfere, as me being in the Army/RAF and him in thew RN would NEVER work as we have a child.

    The RN is by far my 1st choice but the limted scope for ODPs (no chance of Faslane) may mean I have to look at DSA in the Navy instead.

    I reality he will stay in the Navy on boats until he retires as he loves it, and I will have to make do with joining the TA as a ODP. But after losing more weight I am gonna go for DSA in the Navy but I do believe the score needed is very high for that but I can only try.

    My head has to rule my heart with this one :-( its so hard because I really want to join (I wanted to join for about 6 years but never be able to lose the weight having some success now thou :thumright: and then he joined :threaten: ) but we could never both be at sea at the same time, as we have a child and I know the service has to come first. Its such a hard choice.

    Hope that helps clear things up for ya Hig
    It was more me wondering if he was too old rather then him to be honest
  15. Less panting and cleaning in the seaman spec? I would've thought the other way around!

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