Mine warfare or Weapons Engineer?



I have just passed all tests (aptitude, fitness, medical & interview) for two branches I tried out for in the RN; Mine Warfare and Weapons Engineer.
Both branches I am really interested in and I'm sure I'd love either one but I am now in the position where I have to choose between the two.
I was hoping I could get someones opinion on the branches. Whether you have or are now serving in that branch or know someone who is, I would really appreciate all pros and cons to the branches so that I could then choose. I have looked into them both in depth but maybe I missed something out, I'd like an insiders opinion on the branch.
Thank-you! Emma


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Weapons engineer. Groundwork for a trade when you leave and more time in your rack than the average bed bug!


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Have you been drinking Yamma? "Amazing"????????? Mopping two deck twice a day???? W.E all the way, like Wrecker said it's a trade.

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