Mine Warfare (I know, it's already on here but...)

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jockanese, May 7, 2014.

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  1. I wanted to see if there is anyone at all on here who can fill me in with the nitty gritty?

    I already know "it is bobbing up and down Scottish waters in a tupperware box as you polish everything". The pros outweigh the cons for me, however.

    Wondering if anyone here is in Mine Warfare can give any inside advice?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not one myself, but aside from the fact you won't be going on a global deployment, the job really isn't that much different to Warfare Specialist. Still keep ops room watches, upper deck husbandry (but no rust to deal with - it's plastic), gang way watches in harbour, menial duties such as cleaning between decks (same as everyone else) and you still operate ships boats & undertake seamanship drills. Promotion prospects are faster than most Warfare branches.
  3. That is genuinely a real help, was looking for proper non-tarted up info! Thank you, Interview on the 20th so cramming as much as I can :)
  4. My grandfather was a minesweeper Capt'n on the Murmansk Convoys in WWII, and he basically was training me from 6yrs old! He was a Commander Engineering but that was sufficient at the time adding that he had joined up in 1914!

    But the only key piece of advice I can give you regarding Minesweepers is ageless. You are in a light boat (starting in Ironclad monsters that's what HE called them) then they were double layered Marine Plywood.
    When you're in cold extremes ice is your enemy, if it builds up you will capsize. Small ships everyone gets on it, and he was a good officer, chopping off 3ft deep lumps of frozen spray with the rest.

    And like another writer said, keep everything clean as a whistle, having seen RN documentary series in the last few years it seems to have dropped from even my time in the 1970/80's.

    Add to everything as you're about to start, expect your sense of humour to get tuned up! It'll never be the same again, trust me on that!

    Enjoy mate, its gonna change your life.
  5. Are you going to be Pompey or Faslane based? The MW branch for the very foreseeable future is in a complete groundhog day of OST's, Gulf trips and refits. Gone are the days of bobbing around off of the coast of the UK and stopping in random little ports for a night on the ale im afraid.. Still a hoofing job though... small ships are for winners :)
  6. In one, loved my time on them but very different beasts now a days.

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