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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by frogman007, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Ten letters.

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  2. Are we supposed to find that funny?
  3. We put up with you don't we? It's in Lil's if you don't like it, fuck off you boring prick.
  4. Hey Finks, fancy meeting for a beer in Southsea? I could break your fingers and cheer up all the members of RR by keeping your Alzheimer's ridden comments off of here.
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  5. Southsea; is that where the posh dogs shit? Oh yea your one of those well-hard ex bubble heads, grow up for fucks sake.
  6. Are you the one in the middle Finks, you need to tuck your trolleys into your wellies, otherwise you'll stand out and be picked on.

  7. No I am the big fella with the don't give a shit salute, so don't fucking mess with me matey cos I am as tough as a pussers hardtack biscuit.
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  8. Rich!

    I take it you're in Rowner then.
  9. Nobody can be that hard! Even Chuck Norris couldn't handle that!
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  10. It looks a lot like the TSO Stores by 2 Basin.

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  11. Ha been waiting for you all night. You're not wrong though!
  12. Or even the Accommadation Office in Nelson, there's some right states in there! Then again there's always the Reggies.....

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  13. Ohhhhhhh, under the clock at Portsmouth & Southsea wearing a red rosé button-hole?

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