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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Cold_Benguela, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Reading the other posts on the creation of the GSSR branch and its role, do I understand correctly that mine warfare ratings are now a thing of the past and that they're now all GSSR?

    Is there still a mine warfare branch for officers, or are they all now GSS...O? Is there any seagoing role left for officers who aren't ex-RN or merchant marine?
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Either SLJO or OSLO.... :)
  3. So does that mean MW is indeed a thing of the past?

    And coming from someone currently outside of RNR-speak :oops: what are the SLJO and OSLO (not moving to norway any time soon) branches, then?
  4. No MW isnt a thing of the past...I have undertaken a couple for MW weekends and plan on going away to sea on an MW weekend in March so it is far from dead.

    What do you mean by sea going role....do you mean headquarters stuff or mine hunting....!!

    The mine hunting side has diminished with more focus on the headquarters aspect.. which can be land based or at sea. Ratings and Officers are required. Officers role is more clearly defined at the moment, however there is a need for junior rates to replace the senior rates within MW. However streaming for junior rates in MW is from Leading Hand level.
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not branches but (non-)jobs frequently awarded to JOs .... Sh*tty Little Jobs Officer and Outer Space Liason Officer respectively :)
  6. Just a heads up WM
    Keep checking the training plan, I don't think you'll be on a MCMV that weekend matey.
  7. Cheers fella, I did know that I think Marchs has a fishy tint to it :wink: ....not giving out anymore specifics...!!...Irrepespective of ship type and role I think the fact that MW ratings are getting the opportunity to get to sea on any sort of boat can only be a good thing! and would encourage all ratings not just MW, GSSR and alike to take the opportunity while we can!
  8. Amphibious Warfare takes limited non-ex-RN or ex-MN officers in on a case-by-case basis. So yes, there is still a sea-going officers' branch in the RNR.

    And MW also still exists as an officers' branch, althought I BELIEVE (not being one) you don't get to sea much beyond a junior lieutenant.

    MW, Comms and Seamen are all now GSSR ratings though.
  9. Cold Benguela

    As I understand it, once you have done your GSSR stuff and qualified as an AB1, you can then do the Minewarfare TEMs (classroom based weekends), and Sea Weekends on an MCMV. I spent last weekend at sea on an MCMV and carried out both Mine Warfare and Seamanship based evolutions and had a fantastic time. I think Trehorn and Warmonger are correct about the one in March though. Go on - be a muppet!
  10. Thanks all, sounds positive.

    WM, Th2 and b_r_s, it sounds like you've enjoyed your time on MCMV's. What's the feeling like from the RN people about your presence on board? Do you feel like you're considered to be (a) making a contribution and plugging a few gaps, or (b) just a "nice to have", playing sailors for a weekend/two :roll:

    If (a), are there still jobs in MW that RNR people are particularly well suited to? (I'm still talking JRs, SRs, YO's the lot - the big picture.)
  11. CB in 15 years of going to sea on MCMV, I have never been treated like anything other than a member of the ships company..other than the occasional f**k up...but you live and learn.!!

    I think the secret is to keep your head down, work your nuts off the first week and get your hands dirty at every opportunity and learn the job rather than play at it..its all about gainig trust like any new job!

    One advantage of MCMV is that I dont think Ive ever been a spare Ive always been plugging a gap which generically means your needed. Ive done time on big ships and yes they get the glamour of the far off trips but onboard Ive found that you are virtually always a spare......spare parts stand out and that is part of the problem you then look like your not part of the ships company which fosters the them and us attitude!

    Give me an MCMV over a big ship anyday!!
  12. CB, I can only speak for sea weekends as I have not had the chance to do a 2 week stint on an MCMV yet. On a sea weekend you are there to be trained, and definately not filling a gap. However, you will have to work hard and assist in all the tasks undertaken by AB muppets. The RN bods I have come into contact with have been first class and I have not had any bad experiences. As WM said, get stuck in and get your hands dirty, you will learn much more than standing at the back like a spare part.
  13. Couldn't agree more with the last two posts. Even though the lads on board were probably a bit p*ssed off at having to go out at the weekend they didn't show it at all. Every one of em made an effort.

    Keep busy, stay keen and muck in.

    I have seen anti RNR people within the RN but they are by far the minority.

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