Mine - Warfare Association - 20th Sept HMS Collingwood


Continuing from a very successful reunion last year, it has been decided that we will again hold the event in the Senior Rates Mess, HMS COLLINGWOOD. It will take place on 19 Sep 09, between 19:00 and 02:00. As always the event is open to all Serving and Ex Serving Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior Ratings and Ex Serving Ratings of the Minewarfare Branch.
The evening event will build upon the Association’s Annual General Meeting which will take place at 1530. This will be the first full AGM since the formation of the association, so I actively encourage as many of you as possible to attend this inaugural meeting to give our constitution full endorsement while also giving us the opportunity to gather your views in person.

It is intended for the evening social to be an informal affair designed on allowing time for members to “Dit on†in comfort with a Hog Roast provided for food and drinks at sociable prices. The evenings entertainment will be in the form of a horse racing night based upon a “MCM theme “ visit the website for details of the forthcoming naming competition and of Project Vernon our supported charity to which some of the profits will be going.

Cost for the evening social will be £15.00 for Non Association members and £12.00 for Members. If Non Members wish to become an Association Member, prior to the event, you can also qualify for the £3.00 discount for the event. Details for joining the Association can be found at http://mwassociation.co.uk/links.html

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