Mine-Warfare Assoc - Calling all Muppets Calling all Muppets

Following on from my post about the MW assoc reunion on the 19th Sept here is a quick dit about the Assoc.

Join the Minewarfare Association Today!
Are you are serving, or have you served as an Officer, Senior or Junior Rating in the Royal Navy qualified as a Minewarfare specialist?

Then why not why not join the Minewarfare Association.

As I am sure you will agree you're time in the branch was not just an occupation it was a way of life that only those who have tried it can understand. The association is new (Feb 08) so what better time to join, and be part of a growing team whose members include guys who have served from the 60's to present.

It does not offer any fancy gimmicks, but an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with old friends, regional gatherings, and an excellent annual re-union.


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