Mine Fields

That subject line is a metaphor(spell check) by the way. I have a lovely soulm-mate that I need to communicate a concern with. She's a lovely woman, but very sensitive and addressing the subject is like walking through a mine field, you get the picture. As I'm sure you've been there.

I'm going to be straigh forward here and give it a go parden me for being blunt. The bird's fanny has a strong smell; like tuna fish! Bad tuna fish. Or cat food. Her hygene is brilliant so it can't be that. She has some weight on her, but not fat. Just large boned. Outsode of squezzing a lemon wedge on her I have no idea how to sort this out.

Any comments or suggestions from all members and guests are very welcome.

Cheers :whew:
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Why not tell her that you are allergic to the natural yeasts and bacteria all women have, in various mixes and concentrations, in fanny juice? Tell her it gives you rhinitis http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/23068706/ . That way, it's something wrong with you and not her. Women thrive on that sort of balance!
Brilliant mate! She already knows I have allergies! Why not add another to the list? :whew: You have just saved my arse! I bookmarked the link as a show of proof. :thumright:

On a side note: I usually strategically finger first and find a way to sniff my finger before taking the plunge, I'm sure you get the picture.

I owe you a pint (British Beer) I won't insult you with the American piss we call beer.
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