Mine Clearance Divers, mirrors, etc.,

I've come across that before
Do you know any quals on that list is leave the navy with as a MCD?
Have you read it?
If so, did you notice where it referred to "Royal Navy"?
A 'Diver 1' is an MCD (as in Mine Clearance Diver) whereas a Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officer is an MCDO.
Royal Navy divers no longer perform any saturation diving so that's yer lot.


Been waiting for my PDA date since November last year still haven't heard anything, passed everything up to date with flying colors did my run in 9:10 what kind of waiting times were you lads getting to get you PDAs.


I passed my PJFT in September, got my PDA date in October, passed it in January, PRNC passed in Feburary and got my Raleigh date for May.