Mine Clearance Diver-Warfare Officer specialisation


Sorry to make another thread so quickly to the last one, but there isn't much in the way of information about exactly what you do in these specialisations on the internet and the recruitment officer wasn't much help.

So, what exactly is your role as a Mine Clearance Diver Officer. What are the jobs you have to do, what responsibilities do you have?

Do you actually spend much time diving yourself?

Thanks a lot, and sorry again for making another thread so quickly


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Its probably better to wait for an actual diver to come along but I work on small ships so ill try my best.

From my point of view the MCDO onboard is more of a secondary job. It is normally the Ops or the XO that is MCD trained but I have had a ship where the skipper was trained because there needs to be one onboard.

When it comes to the day to day business, it is all really sorted out by the divers themselves to be honest. The Coaxswain will tell the MCDO if he is needed to do some sort of diving business to remain current etc etc. Actual diving on contacts and what not wont really happen because you will be stuck in the Ops Room working as the Mine Warfare in the Ops Room.

Hope that helped.