Mine Clearance diver, the job for me?


Only "them" do that (and STC obviously).

Four of 'Them' were practicing night time exits & re-entries in Gareloch in the early '70's.
Submarine ran into a salinocline and started into a fast drop taking the guys on the casing (who, if memory serves me well were plugged into the HP air main via RABA sets)
Skipper put his foot on the accelerator to get control. One survivor made it to surface. The other three were located by sonar and recovered by the Fleet Team within 48 hours.

BZ to the CD's for that one.

(but they are still a bunch of posing cnuts who richly deserve all the stick they get)

RM. :thumbup:


Never known a CD depart the BOAT whilst "under way". Why would they?

The biggest problem for the sludgemariners was to hold the boat steady in the water column with no forward way on. The usual routine was to tidal drift because anything more than 1 knot made life difficult (i.e. A real bastard) if you were on the casing. There was an O-Boat (Oberon???) that had it weighed-off a treat and for the real beginners they would sit on the bottom at slack-water and let Royal play to his heart's content.


War Hero
Talking of panthers, I rather thought "them" were able to enter a submerged P&O boat underway (very slowly) via the 4 man chamber having hooked the surface marker bouy from the gemini & swimming down the line using just a re-breather.

A mate of mine, a killick stoker managed to burst "thems" eardums when venting the chamber too fast. He soon learned there's no place to hide fom "them" on a diesel boat.:-D