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Mine Clearance diver, the job for me?


Never known a CD depart the BOAT whilst "under way". Why would they?

The biggest problem for the sludgemariners was to hold the boat steady in the water column with no forward way on. The usual routine was to tidal drift because anything more than 1 knot made life difficult (i.e. A real bastard) if you were on the casing. There was an O-Boat (Oberon???) that had it weighed-off a treat and for the real beginners they would sit on the bottom at slack-water and let Royal play to his heart's content.


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Talking of panthers, I rather thought "them" were able to enter a submerged P&O boat underway (very slowly) via the 4 man chamber having hooked the surface marker bouy from the gemini & swimming down the line using just a re-breather.

A mate of mine, a killick stoker managed to burst "thems" eardums when venting the chamber too fast. He soon learned there's no place to hide fom "them" on a diesel boat.:-D


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Yep few right assumptions there. NS is pretty much the closest. Not going to say the name of the Op, but the submariners know what I mean. You can just about sustain normal swimming conditions whilst under away admitedly no more than 1.5 (2 very max) knots ahead. This is and has been used to deply "them" as you call them since around 2003.


Okay right.. so why do i get the sense not a lot of people like divers? haha

and also i dont understand what pay grade divers are on, i keep hearing different things?
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Jealousy! ;-) Pay grades go on the navy website. You will start off on level 3. After leading divers course this goes to level 4 with EOD supplement then PO's and above go on level 5 with EOD pay. Roughly speaking your take home is the same as two ranks above. So an AB diver (diver 1) gets the same as a non diving PO etc etc.


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Originally Posted by tees_gal
Can girls apply for MCD through AFCOs yet?

Here we go again. That's got me started!!

Yes, same age & fitness standards as males.

Diver fitness standards are comparable to those required to pass the Potential Royal Marines Course, but with hair gel.

Not worn gel for years. Wish I could!


Dive Support Vessel Koosha 1 sank in the Persian Gulf just off Iran, The 6 man dive-team were unable to escape via the HRC and are apparently stuck in the system on the seabed. Another DSV the Dulam Providence has just arrived on location to attempt a rescue. Weather is bad.



Heard that Derek had taken over from that clown Terry Hall; step in the right direction.

SitRep from site is not good. Dulam divers located the wreck. Found that saturation control has been ripped away and the HRC remains mated to the system. Rescue divers have been tapping on the system hull but have had no response. Diving aborted early hours 22nd because of high winds and seas.



Sad days for the commercial world. Can't believe it's got no publicity.

Just had an update from Qatar. No survivors from the sat-team. Rescue diver can see three unmoving divers in one of the (unflooded) chambers. No movement and no response to repeated tapping. All presumed dead. Rescue operation is now body recovery.
The worst result. Poor guys. Condolences to family, friends and colleagues.
Gulf News said:
Six Indian divers entombed in a sunken ship’s pressurised chamber had been confirmed dead after they apparently ran out of oxygen 15 miles off the Iranian port of Assaloyeh, Indian diplomats and rescuers told XPRESS...

An Iranian official in charge of the rescue operation was quoted by the IRNA news agency as saying that the bodies of the Indian divers have been recovered...
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