Mine Clearance diver, the job for me?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bobby1112, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. Hey I would like to join the RN as a clearance diver but I'm just wondering, can i join straight up as a clearance diver? And what would help me in becoming a diver? Also what are the medical req's?

  2. best job in the world if you get through basic but you also need a strong mind also to cope with all they throw at you
    had 30 yrs of doing it and enjoyed every minute
    keep at the fitness lots of mud runs get the legs strong
    also just remember its not all nice clear water
    you will see some very nasty sights but life goes on
    good luck
  3. Shaven legs, a good mirror, some expensive body lotion, hair-drier, subscription to GQ, plenty of hair-gel, some Lycra and the inability to tie knots would be a good start.

    Yes; as a RN diver you will see some nasty sights (some would say horrific) but hey - if you want good-looking women you should raise your ambitions and join the Royal Marines.

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  4. The nastiest thing is trying to spend all that extra SSP! Bobby be prepared for loads of shit off people for being a diver too, but don't worry they love us really, don't you lads? Lads? Lads........................... ;-)
  5. Also practice mincing around in a track suit all the time. It will help you during your time at bomb teams.
  6. Bomb teams haven't worn trackies since around '97. Light weight ovvies now they were great fot mincing
  7. Do they still strut their stuff in Buffalo jackets?
  8. Hell yeah and the team account pays for them.
  9. cd's.jpg

    Jealousy by the low lifes..makes I larfffff!!!
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  10. Quality!!!
  11. Divers are just people who don't have the bottle to go on submarines.
  12. I would say having a rubber fetish would be pretty high on the list requirements for the branch.

  13. Or departed the submarine whilst it was submerged. :bball:
  14. Only "them" do that (and STC obviously).
  15. These 'horrible sights' where do they hang out now that Jo's has closed?
  16. Four of 'Them' were practicing night time exits & re-entries in Gareloch in the early '70's.
    Submarine ran into a salinocline and started into a fast drop taking the guys on the casing (who, if memory serves me well were plugged into the HP air main via RABA sets)
    Skipper put his foot on the accelerator to get control. One survivor made it to surface. The other three were located by sonar and recovered by the Fleet Team within 48 hours.

    BZ to the CD's for that one.

    (but they are still a bunch of posing cnuts who richly deserve all the stick they get)

    RM. :thumbup:
  17. Wrong there oppo we do depart the sub under way.

  18. "Under way" - that's nails and no one should even try to black cat that particular panther.

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