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Mine clearance diver questions


Hi, I have recently applied for the role of mine clearance diver and as i prepare for my interview I'm trying to find more information about the role. A few subjects I am really struggling to find information on a few things such as what diving equipment is used, a new recruit and divers duties on board the ship and like dad to day jobs.
Not looking for anyone to write out an essay for me but if anyone could give me an idea or let me know where I could find more information it would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
I reckon @Waspie could help with this.

Thank me later.
Sorry bud but not my field of expertise. Now a SARD or Search and Rescue Diver I have access to some old and bolds but the SARD no longer exists.

There are a few on here who have some knowledge, in the mean time I have used the site search facility, (top right of the home page) and found this lot. Have a mooch through until someone pops along.

Clearance Diver Search
So I’m joining in 2 month as a mine clearance diver and I’m 30 years old, is it a bit old to be starting at this age?
If you've passed all stages and you're joining in 2 months then you should be proud of yourself. Another example of age doesn't mean shit :)

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