Mine Clearance Diver / Communications Technician

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RowanSpry, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Firstly im new here, first post, so wasn't sure if this is the right place to post. Im re-applying to the Navy in March (rejected first time on medical grounds, because i had a migraine!).

    I've been reconsidering my options, at first i was entering as a Warfare Specialist but gone off that idea after talking to a few guys ex-navy (i was told most of the time i'd be doing seamanship). Im looking towards Mine Clearance Diver or a Communications Technician.

    Of course im doing all the research i can, getting literature from the careers office in Exeter etc but i need some HONEST opinions about the job (stuff the careers office won't tell me).

    Mine Clearance Diver -
    Whats the realistic prospect of travel?
    What does the job ACTUALLY entail. IE will i be dealing with bombs etc
    or will i just be painting ships & tying knots all day?

    Communications Technician
    Again, whats the prospect of travel?
    What would a typical day entail?
    How many languages could you learn? And what would happen once
    i've been trained in a language. Also whats the difference
    in the job between a language trained CT and one who isnt?

    Those are my questions, would appreciate any feedback at all. Also if theres anything else you think i should know about these jobs befor applying i'd love to know.

  2. So did these EX-navy guys tell you who would be manning the Ops Room while the Warfare Team are spending most of their time doing seamanship - the Seaman Specs perhaps? Sorry, but why not ask for some views on WS on here too?
  3. I dont know if this is the case in the Navy, but when i was in the Marines i was a sniper, but did i ever get to do any thing releated to sniping ??? nope, my first op i got given a LSW. Then the next two ops i got given a GPMG for both ops. The point being just cause you are trained in something very specialist you cant expect to do it all the time, at the end of the day there is always duties and cleaning to be done.
  4. I was a PO seaman and i loved tying knots and painting ship,especially when we were in warmer weather
  5. Divers are drafted to MCMV's which tend to stick around the UK and a bit of Europe, not forgetting the Gulf area, so worldwide travel is very unlikely.
    Drafts to bomb teams or Diving Units as they are now called is where you really earn your pay. Not only do you hurtle round the UK in blue lightb landrovers, but stacks of diving in the dockyard, ships maintenance, repairs etc.
    The migraine problem could be a bar to passing the diving medical though, you need to seek specialist medical advice on that one.
    In my very unbiased opinion, there is only one branch in the navy worth joining and that's the diving branch.
  6. At the end of the day they are both good trades to be in, i am in the process of rejoining but going for divers this time. Once you actually get in just reap the benifits the navy offer. If you want to learn another language, do a degree etc you can do it no matter what trade you are in, you may not go to a military language school but you can still learn one. I know a lad in the marines that the corps paid for so he could learn Russian. The only person that can stop you is your self.
  7. If you are more into doing phys and warry stuff, MCD is for you. Comms tech is for the more cerebral people. They are two very different roles, my guess is that one would most probably suit you much better than the other. Its very rare that one person would be as good a MCD as they are a comms tech!
  8. Im going for MCD im not that smart with the whole comms stuff, i find it hard to communicate to my girlfriend after 10 minutes. Communications being the key word. So god knows what i will be like dealing with the powers that be and other NATO forces.
  9. What chuff. I've just come from an MCMV where in a 14 month job I never once saw the Senior Rate Diver do any phys, and I'm now working alongside a CT who has his Green Beret and will be going back to work with th Corps after this draft is finished.

    Divers love themselves, which is all well and good, and they do do a hard job. Don't believe it's the only decent job in the RN, and remember that at the end of the day you are member of the Naval Service first, and your specialisation second - don't go bleating about how you have to the same as every one else.

    If I were to join up as a Rating/Other Rank, I 'd probably go Royal Marine CT - a good mix of phys and thinking, with the added bonus of having GD drafts as well.....

    [ http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/royalmarines/careers/career-specialisations/#f11 ]
  10. Unless you want to be a royal marine, I think he should look at joining the RN direct as a diver or comms tech. Hell have the option to do all arms commando if he wishes to do so. Hed have to do at least three years as a royal marine before hed even be considered for specialisation. MCD requires commando level fitness for entry anyway.
  11. Again, im completely new to this so im not understanding some of these abbreviations, for the time being if you wouldn't mind type the long-winded way!

    I've decided against the Diver idea CT seems like much more my kind of thing. Reading the other threads i get the impression that whilst in the Navy you could be posted on land with the Marines, without taking a commando course? Or am i mistaken.
  12. you can work with 3 Cdo Bde without undertaking the Commando Course - a fair few lads in 24 Cdo Engineers and 29 Commando Royal Artillery don't have their lids. You are encouraged to go for it, and will be given support from your chain of command to do so.

    As for CTs specifically, if your draft absolutely requires you to have your lid you will be loaded onto the course. If you find yourself at Brigade, you will also be given the chance to do so (as long as there's time in the programme).

    I presume you've read the long CT thread - if you've any further questions re CTs I suggest you PM Secret Squirrel as he's the best bloke to advise on this.
  13. You might as well join the marines, do your time as GD and get to know what jobs are like once you are in. You might not even pick that trade, you might decide to do something completely different. CT and MCDs both offer the chance to do the commando course, but if you want to get your green lid just join the marines, and as i said get in, do your time in a unit and see whats it like and go from there.
  14. Got in contact with my careers office today to ask about it, my test scores from last time wernt up to scratch for CT they said. But i remember first sections i did leave pretty big chunks out (first time takign a test like that, time management wasnt good) but still... Also a second blow is im not temporarily unfit, im permanantly unfit.

    The medical thing i can appeal against (and i can, and ill win) though i wont get my hopes up. Assuming i manage that, does anyone recommend anything to help my scores next time particularly numeracy and reasoning? My literacy was "through the roof" they said.

    And back onto the subject at hand, im still reading through that thread, its ******* long! What do 3 Cdo Bde do?
  15. If you join 3 cdo Bde or get attached you could be on operations, training exercises e.g Norway. Think of it as a large organisation and with in that organisation it has everthing thing that it needs to keep its self running. You dont have to be commando trained to work with in 3 cdo Bde but you will have to maintain a higher than average fitness.
    As for the RT test there are plenty of threads and advice on how to help your score, it helped me get the score i needed.
  16. Where are these threads on Psychometrics? I cant find the usefull ones.

    I have my eye on 3 books on amazon (yes, 3, im an excessive person) its mainly my reasoning that needs improving

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