Mine Clearance Diver Aquaint Course?

Hi all, Im new to this site and have a couple of questions regarding the Mine Clearance Diver aquaint course.

Basically I applied for the MCD a few months ago. You have to undergo all the normal medical and clearance tests as any other new recruit.

However the final selection test (for MCDs) is a two day aquaint down at pompey.

I have been told by the afco that this is basically a two day beasting, designed to test your physical and mental aptitude and for you to see if diver branch is for you.

Now, i really want to find out more about these two days and what exactly the physical tests are. For a normal recruit joining the navy you know exactly what physical tests are involved. You have to do x number of press ups, x number of sit ups and be able to run x miles in x times.

Does anyone know what the exact physical test are for this aquaint? How far and how fast should I be running? How many press ups, dips and chin ups should I be able to do? Whats the best way to train?

Sorry for all the questions but im finding it really hard to find out about this.


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