Mine Clearance Diver Application Process, Dive Medical.

Hello all,

I am basically just querying on the the subject of dive medical. I am at the stage in the process where my next step is dive medical (completed interview, medical and pjft). After completing my pjft I didn't hear from my AFCO for over a month, I phoned them asking for updates, but got told I'd be contacted in the next 48hrs, 3 weeks went by and I phoned them again to be told that theres been a ''new contract with the dive medical doctors'', and that the guy that does them has retired? so now im just waiting to hear from them...

Anybody else had/ has this problem?

That seems like a strange order.. in my case after passing the RT and interview, I was immediately booked onto a specialist diving medical.

If my results come back as fit, then I will progress onto pjft and then PDA.


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It does sound like an odd sequence - did you change your job choice after the AFCO Medical? You should otherwise just have a Diving Medical - unless perhaps there were none available in your area. There aren't that many Docs who are qualified to undertake diving medical - From 'my' AFCO, potential divers have a 120 mile round trip, for example.

I imagine if the contract changes, there will naturally be delays. I also have a feeling most PDAs are booked solid until next year.
Thanks for the swift replies. I also thought it seemed to be in a strange order. Ninja, I didn't change my job, been wanting to be a MCD for a long time now. I'm Penzance based so I don't know the sort of distance I'd have to travel. I just feel a little left in the dark with it all to be honest. Wow didn't realise it is was such a sort after job! looks like I have plenty of time to train for it then.
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Heads up on the dive medical. Around February/ March I had mine this year. It was at Southampton hospital in the lung function and respiratory centre, I travelled from Wolverhampton, so quite a distance, I actually stayed in a B&B over night as it was an early morning appointment. The specialist told me they have a huge backlog of applicants, who they were just stating to get through, as the hospital only recently obtained the contract recently for navy dive medicals.

I actually got quite lucky as I filled a position of someone who cancelled. It still might be quite slow because I was also told once you do the medical, the results get sent to some navy specialist who then looks at the results and makes a decision based on what he see's, apparently at the time mine got processed, he was currently posted on a ship somewhere in the Arctic. So to hear a decision after the medical also took a good few weeks.

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Thanks for the heads up turneround90, seems as if I may be waiting a while for that phone to ring! What stage are you at with it all if you don't mind me asking?

I'm chomping at the bit to get things moving, I need something to boost motivation for for my training and running.
I know how you feel I went through completely the same situation at the end of last year.
I have now got dates from my navy acquaint course which is in December and my PDA is all booked for January. So slowly slowly.

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