Mine Clearance Diver - a few questions

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dancoates, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to ask a few questions - passed my medical, eye test, fitness test and formal interview. Just waiting for a date to do my PDA (which could be as late as February!)

    1. I have a stammer. I asked my AFCO and doctor at the medical if they thought this would be a problem, they both said no. I would just like some reassurance from someone who doesn't know me if this is true! Would this be a problem?

    2. I have absolutely no experience in diving at all! It obviously doesn't matter otherwise I would never of got this far! But I would just like to know to you get a run through everything and do you think its a good idea to book some diving lessons prior to Collingwood and my PDA.

    Thats all I can think of although I know I have alot of questions, thanks for your replies in advance. I'll be back!
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  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dan, wipe your account and comeback with a user name that doesn't give your ID away mate
  3. Not a diver so can't comment on that. But I know someone who has a stammer and it hasn't held him back in the RN. Can't promise you won't get certain people taking the piss though, but as they say " if you can't take the shit don't draw the kit"

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  4. Don't get your hopes up for a Feb PDA too... I was given my date on Thurs and am in for May - so you will probably be about the same...

    As for the diving experience, I am also going in with virtually none, although I am doing my Open water at the moment.

    But all in all chin up, you will be fine :) And maybe I will see you in May
  5. Took all of this on board - cant find a way to disable the account! May just dispose of post and make a new account. Hopefully I do see you in May, my AFCO said october or feb, but May gives me more time to perfect my fitness! May see you. (No pun intended)
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  6. Haha well if you get an earlier one, feel free to trade :D although I am not sure how well that will swing with those in charge. But good luck all the same... what was your run time?
  7. My run time was 10:16. Didn't push myself just done it within the time limit. Although my AFCO phoned me an hour later and I was confused to him saying I cut it sharp when I thought I done it quite comfortably! Yours? Also how old are you? im 20.
  8. Got 9:40... Was also taking it relatively easy as I had been really ill that week. But yeah - its not major for this one to push - you just need to pass. For the real test they will fail you if you don't do max effort from what I have been told.

    I'm 24 - going to be 25 now by the time I start. A little older than I would like :(. But sure you will be fine re fitness once it comes around - to be honest it is the run I struggle most with - but there is now plenty time to train (even if you do get the Oct course)
  9. If I am honest I am hoping for Feb. Oct is a little too early and want to get my fitness up! Same with me, running is something I have never been able to do, whereas I have very good upper body strength! Would they fail me if I didnt quite do the 12min run and then 10min run? like say I do 12 min and half of the 10. Like I say running really isn't my strongest point
  10. One of the qualified divers will jump on board to tell you the full story, but from what I understand, we run 1.5mi in 15 mins as a group, and then best effort on the second (you have to complete it, within 10min15). Start training on the road now - avoid a treadmill at all costs if you can. You will be fine. Get help if you need it - rather that then fail when you have time to sort it woul

    I was hoping for October - they could not get me earlier than May. But you may be lucky (excuse the pun on that one...).
  11. I was told by my AFCO there is only a PDA every 4 month, dont know how much truth there is in that. seems legit. October - Feb - May. Yeah I need to find a good running track around the streets, legs are like toothpicks compared to my body! Anyways im off down the gym, sure I will see you around this forum more often than not with my curious mind! Nice meeting you.
  12. I was dogshit at running, got myself a decent pair of trainers and started doing 5 mile runs every night, managed to get my run time down from 12 mins to 9.20, also, if you can, try and join a boxing club, it worked a treat to get my fitness up, started alternating between swimming and running now so i don't **** my ankles before my PDA in Oct
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  13. Boxing is brilliant - I also find I am able to box much better as I am fitter from the running and swimming. It also helps to develop lean muscle rather then bulk.

    Dan, if you know you can smash the strength then focus on the running now.

    Any word re your PDA date yet?

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  14. Be aware that being KO'd while boxing could spell the end, medically, of any future as a clearance diver.
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  15. Hi fellas

    Had a bit of a set back with pda. Theyve just realised my vision is a V3. It needs to be a v2 to be a diver. So i have another eye test in 7 days time. Got to eat **** loads of carrots between then and now! My eyes are terrible.

    Regarding the running i need to break out my comfort zone of a treadmill!!

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson
  16. Don't you find treadmills ****ing horrible to run on? Boring as **** too, get out on the country lanes mate, even on a track is better than a treadmill

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  17. Boring as hell but i can run longer on them! Helps when there is birds on the cross trainers infront of me haha!

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson
  18. Sorry to hear about the vision - sure you will be fine - just get your head in and try not to spend time in front of a computer before - rest your eyes :)

    And a treadmill can get you into a comfort zone - try running to the gym rather - if you live in the city there are loads of great parks and if you live in the country get onto the footpaths... if you can run at speed offroad onroad is easy. It is also better for your joints.

    Oh ad as for the risk of being KOd boxing I should hopefully be ok... women at an amateur level are at a much lower risk :cool:

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  19. Going to be a real shame if i cannot pass my eyesight test! But then again I would be only putting my colleagues into danger so it would be for the best. Ill keep you posted on my eyesight!

    Boxing is a must! Not something i do though myself. Started swimming again two weeks ago although the pjft will be a breeze compared to pda

    It's never a failure. It's always a lesson
  20. Good luck for your eye test this week. Sure it will be fine - but fingers crossed.

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